Honda's sleeper hit - the first Civic EK9 Type R

1997/8 Honda Civic Type R (EK9)

With a keen interest in racing, Honda put their Type R engineers to work for the first time on the Civic line. They chose the 1997/8 EK9 Civic three-door to be their representative. With just a 1.6-litre VTEC engine it seemed too meek to be a Type R until you raced it against the ITR. It matched its more powerful stablemate in all performance parameters and even menaced the ITR at the circuits thanks in part to the wonderful 185 bhp motor.

Honda's Firecracker- Honda Integra Type R (DC2)

It was curious to see what Honda was planning as a counter measure to the remarkable success of the Subaru WRX. Honda, a company that prides itself in engine technology, seemed for a time to concentrate too much on trying to satisfy the mass market with popular models like the Accord and Civic. However the company has seen a resurgence of its former self, the persona that helped it to seven consecutive Formula One championships and a string of Indy Car wins.

Honda's second Type R - the Integra Type R (96 Spec R-DC2)

1996 Honda Integra Type R (96 Spec R – DC2)

Honda seemed to have found renewed confidence ever since the NSX-R and the Formula One programs took off. In 1996, a year after the cessation of the NA1 NSX-R Honda introduced the 96 Spec R Integra to an unsuspecting world. Once thought to be the sole domain of the NSX, the second Type R reached the normal(read affordable) Honda range. The ITR’s diminutive B18C 1.8-litre VTEC engine in normally aspirated form then punched out an astonishing 200 bhp but quickly updated the next year to 98 Spec R with more torque.

Japanese supercar improved- Honda NSX


Your eyes aren't fooling you. There are no panel changes in the new NSX. What is most obvious are the bigger wheels and better rubber. Any hint of suspension recalibration is not mentioned but yet the car feels slightly more stable in the corners. It appears that Yokohama does not have the monopoly over the OE tyre supply with Honda because the NSX has been seen with Bridgestone RE010's and Dunlop SP8050's. Our test car came shod with the new Dunlops and they seem to be just as comfortable despite going up one inch in diameter. Now the fronts are 215/45 ZR 16 and the rears are 245/40 ZR 17. With these new set of gumballs the NSX has even more grip in corners but the progressiveness that has been a hallmark of the NSX remains.

The first Type R- Honda NSX-R (NA1)

1992-1995 Honda NSX-R NA1 483 units, the beginning of Type R

Not having done this before would Honda be able to field a race car for the road successfully? Around this time Porsche began selling their 964 RS and 993 RS, essentially a race car for the road and the European press had somewhat lukewarm feelings of the “overly” stiff suspension of the RS cars but otherwise loved what it brought to the table. The 964 RS went on to garner 2280 sales worldwide.

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