Part 4 : 25th Anniversary of the BMW M3 (E92/E90/E93)

Concept Car 2007: the new M3 says hello.
Seven years after sales started, the M3 had by no means become an old car, but in the fast-moving sports scene it was already getting on in years. BMW showed the way forward at the 77th Geneva Motor Show.

The concept study presented to the public for the first time in spring 2007 gave an impression of what a future BMW M3 might look like on the road. The basic design of the BMW M3 Concept Car followed traditional lines and was based on the current BMW 3 Series Coupé.

Part 3 : 25th Anniversary of the BMW M3 (E46)

The third M3: high performance and precision in exciting design.

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Part 2 : 25th Anniversary of the BMW M3 (E36)

Wolf in sheep’s clothing: 2nd generation of the M3 with six-cylinder engine.
This M3 was a completely new car – and a completely different car. This was the end of an era for an uncompromising sports car that was consistently tailored to be competitive in racing and demanded bold qualities from its drivers.

Part 1 : 25th Anniversary of the BMW M3 (the E30)

The anticipation began in August 1985.
That summer Germany’s automobile magazines built up their readers’ expectations for the fastest 3 Series BMW of all times. The key data revealed a sports car that would punch way above its class: 200 hp, top speed in excess of 230 km/h, sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h inside 6.7 seconds.

///M Almighty : BMW M5 (E39)

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Cult Car Central revisits the BMW M5 (E39)
Vital Statistics
Car: BMW M5 (E39)
Owners: 2
Original Registration: 21 June 2001
Mileage: 184+k km
Revisited: 9th August 2010

What is it about the older 'M' cars and their fastidious custodians...? (Not that we're complaining, of course!) First, it was the Avus Blue E36 M3 with its full set of service records and now this striking Le Mans Blue E39 M5 (it's still on its original coat of paint, by the way).

When it's overcast, it's easy enough to dismiss this colour as being a little drab; it's only under the bright sunlight that the full glory of the Le Mans Blue really shines forth.

Hardly more than a handful of these stealthy beasts continue to trawl the streets of Singapore (about 3, including this one). In fact, to most passers-by, the E39 M5 is nothing more than an 'old 5-Series' - an 'invisible supercar', if you will - since this car was conceived during an era where the aggressive overtures that are now so commonplace in the latest performance/sports cars were subtle, as opposed to the in-your-face results we see so much of today.

World’s first exclusive BMW M showroom opens its doors in Singapore

Singapore is now home to a world first – the sleek new Munich Automobiles Showroom and Service Centre, dedicated to the full range of high-performance BMW M vehicles.

At the launch, Dr Kay Segler, President of BMW M GmbH said: “This is a significant milestone in our BMW M global strategy. This world’s first BMW M showroom in Singapore represents the first step in our long-term commitment to bring BMW M customers, dedicated and focused experience with the brand.”

BMW (E61/E60) M5 ends 5 year run on a high note

After being on sale on the global automotive market for five successful years, the BMW M5 has ended its production lifespan with a new record high. The BMW M GmbH produced a total of 20,548 of the charismatic high-performance sports car featuring a V10-cylinder power unit.

10 out of 10 : BMW M6

Cult Car Central revisits the BMW M6 (E63)
Vital Statistics
Car: BMW M6 Individual
Owners: 3
Original Registration: March 2006 (in Japan)
Registered: November 2008 (in Singapore)
Mileage: approx. 35,000km
Revisited: 20th June 2010

We can probably never say this enough, but BMW 'M' badged cars are quite possibly the most engaging vehicles in the rarefied clique of high-performance sports cars. Of course, we don't just mean 'engaging' in terms of handling dynamics, but also in the emotional sense.

Jim Bim : BMW M3 (E36) Re-visited

Cult Car Central revisits the BMW M3 Coupe (E36)
Vital Statistics
Car: BMW M3 Coupe (E36)
Year of Manufacture: 1994
Owners: 5
Original Registration: 1st July 1994
Mileage: 15+k km
Revisited: 1st April 2010

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In any (or rather, every) discussion concerning a past, current or future M3, the topic of the seminal E30 M3 inevitably rears its head. It doesn't matter if the discussion revolves around the E90/92, E46 or E36, there'll always be that voice in the back of the classroom that will bring up the E30.

BMW Group Classic sets up Motorsports Division

BMW Group Classic is expanding its mission: from the beginning of this year the newly established Motorsport division is offering assistance in everything to do with classic competition vehicles that carry the BMW and Mini badges.

The activities of the motorsport specialists extend from advice on servicing and repair, through parts procurement, right up to complete restoration – drawing on the definitive skills of the manufacturer.

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