UK,London Chinatown, Four Seasons Restaurant

Four Seasons restaurant serves typical HK Roast meats and is one of the best in the UK or all of europe for that matter. So for those who are a little weary of typical UK food take a break and head to chinatown.

Bath, UK : Jamie's Italian

Jamie Oliver of tv fame has opened 9 branches throughout UK. We thought it would be a good iidea to sample some of his offerings. Jamie was not there in Bath of course but hopefully the chefs he had trained could do justice. For sure the pasta dishes are fantastic, all home made pasta and the sauces are to die for.

The Bolognese and Prawn linguine are highly recommended. Their al dente might be just a little bit softer than how Italians do it but perhaps that is just what the Brits like.

London, UK : HIX Restaurant

HIX is a place that serves traditional British food. Here's their website  The menu can be found here

The first image is of their "Aberdeenshire beef fillet on the bone (300g) -  £34.75"  Portion wasn't very big (only 300g after all) but the meat was very tender and almost comparable to that of Mortons.

Milan, Italy : Il Coriandolo

Ristorante Il Coriandolo

This restaurant is located near the UNA Hotel Cusani near the center if Milan.

A short walk will bring you to an unassuming restaurant front. 

USA, Los Angeles : Islands Burger

If one is in Los Angeles the oft-heard recommendation is to go try the In-n-Out Burger and while while it is good a better alternative is to find this chain of Islands Burger.


Like many diners in California, there is a corny "theme" and this one is Hawaiian. Ignore that for the moment as this is Hollywood culture... 

However bad the American cars are, there is one thing they know how to make and it is their Burger. 

Miami, USA : 8-oz Burger Bar

 The 8-oz Burger Bar in Miami

If you are ever in Miami then this is a food joint that deserves a visit. If there is one thing Americans do well its burgers and the 8-oz burger is a standout.

As its name implies the burger is made from an 8-oz patty and thats like a 250gm metric equivalent.

Italy, Rome : Ristoranti Sabatini

RISTORANTI SABATINI in TRASTEVERE is located in the old quarter of Rome. It is not that easy to locate but just search a little harder and it will all be so worth it. The given address is Vicolo S Maria in Trastevere 18 which is like a little square. The Restaurant is a little hidden from view.

The grilled steak (top pic) is highly recommended. It is a dinner menu but if you are there for lunch you may make a request. 

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