341 Beach Rd, Singapore : 'Blanco Court' Sliced Fish Bee Hoon

the soup base may be a little thin, but it's certainly not short on flavour.

the fish chunks are freshly fried by order (versus a huge pile sitting on the counter waiting for customers to come) and apart from the generous helping of fish, there's a whole bunch of ingredients in the soup: salted fish, dou miao, some fried eggy omelette (consistency resembles beancurd strips).

we tried it at around 3pm+ on a saturday afternoon so there was none of the mad crowds that are a normal sight during peak meal times.

57 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore : Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice

Curry gravy is thick enough but not the stew-like type (we like both).

pork chop (in a tangy/sweet tomato based sauce) and the oversized meatballs give us pork-lovers a great high.

cuttlefish is just chewy enough to be interesting, yet doesn't make you break a jaw eating it.

3014 Ubi Rd 1, Singapore : 妹妹 Roast Meat

Prepared using charcoal (vs Electric), can there be any doubt that the bbq pork here will be tasty??

not a fan of the sio bak, but the char siew and roast duck are wonderful

tell her if you want it burnt and fatty, or lean and she'll sort you out accordingly.

also serves a variety of soups: water cress, salted veg, etc.

thick gravy on the side to drizzle over the steamed white rice.

350 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore : Chicken Rice

Looks greasy, but the taste belies its appearance - palatable and extremely tasty: the roast chicken isn't overly tough, and the white chicken is has a nice texture.

Look elsewhere if you expect the 'smooth' style white chicken that some places specialise in.

as with most dedicated chicken rice joints, this one only serves chicken rice; there's no normal white rice for diners who may be looking for a healthy fix.

Price is affordable; this platter was $13 (including innards) and will feed 3-4 pax easily.

164 Stirling Rd, Singapore : Chu Ji Wanton Mee

tasty clumpy noodles with a thick, gooey flavourful sauce.

char-siew is as tasty as some dedicated roast meat places.

Wanton is ok, but since i'm not that huge a wanton fan (char siew yo!), doesn't make a huge difference for me.


6 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore : Foong Kee Roast Meat

Well, what can we say? We certainly love our roast meat: char siew, sio bak, duck etc. it's all fair game.

It's rare to find a place that offers a mixed platter with success - one of the mix typically lets the game down - but in this case, the mix was wholly palatable.

The other thing that makes us return is the option of noodles or hor fun instead of rice.

The texture and sauce on the hor fun is so good one can even eat it on its own.

879 Old Holland Road, Singapore: Satay

We tried both chicken and beef (20, 10 sticks); meat is tender and lean, but beef seasoning was a little salty.

Not as much fat on the meat as the kopitiam at Binjai, but pretty convenient nonetheless.

prepare for a wait if you head over during meal times; but since we were shooting the breeze, what's another 15-20 minutes?

560 MacPherson Rd, Singapore : Chuan Lai Guo Zhi Wang Kway Chup

herbal soup has a delightful viscous quality

the best way to sample the variety is to ask for the mix plattter, which includes fried and braised intestines, other assorted innards, egg, bean-curd, etc., with some pineapple garnish.

The duck is tender, but there were some stringy bits.

for 3 to eat, about 30SGD$ (i mixed platter (pictured) and 1 duck platter) including 4 bowls of kway chup.

316 Changi Rd, Singapore : Seng Kee Minced Pork Noodles

This nondescript stall is tucked away in a row of construction hardware stores and other random eateries.

The ingredients are fresh and the broth for the 'soup' version is as meaty and flavourful as anything we've had so far.A lot of hype seems to be at the halal yong tau foo store at the end of this row, but to us, this is more of the sleeper hit.

Other specialities include crab bee hoon (didn't get a chance to try it) and the kai lan with dried fish topping (green veg was fresh and crunchy).

Changi Village Fried Hokkien Mee

Located at the Changi Village hawker center, is this very popular fried hokkien mee stall. Its been featured on TV before and for good reason too. The noodles taste great, one of the very best in Singapore. Texture and smoothness are very pleasing making you eat more than you should. Its best eaten fresh but they offer take-away if hanging out at sweltering hawker centers is not your thing. Its pretty far for everyone but its really good. worth a trip for sure. Highly recommended.

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