3rd Generation Laksa and Prawn Mee. B4 The Ion, Singapore

We usually do not find indoor food court dishes much to rave about but this laksa derserves a big mention. The lady boss of 3rd Generation Laksa n Prawn mee at the Ion Food court at B4 realy takes pride of her dishes. You can even catch her helping out during the busy periods.

The Laksa is very tasty and the broth is thicker than the Katong Laksa variety but more flavoursome. The tau-pok is surprisingly very tasty too.

Baikohken Ramen, 7 North Canal Road, Singapore

Ramen has come to Singapore in a big way it seems and there is no shortage. However it is begining to be pretty expensive for what is essentially mee kiah soup. There is a Ramen joint that makes it worth the asking price and its Baikohken Ramen at North Canal Road. Parking is a pain but its gonna be worth it.

Ramen Santouka : 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #02-76, The Central, Singapore

based on my preferences, i like this a lot compared to ippudo. the shio broth is meaty and flavourful and not too salty.

A must-eat is the 'Tokusen Toroniku'. the pig's cheek is smoky and melt-in-mouth. it's served on a separate plate from the ramen to preserve the taste integrity perhaps, lol.

Swan at the Globe : 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London Bridge, London, SE1 9DT

Well, Shakespeare's Globe isn't exactly the location most people would associate with good food (especially since we were looking for hearty English eating), but boy, were we in for a real treat, especially after we sampled what could possibly be one of the best roast pork belly dishes we've had in a long time!

St. John Bread & Wine Spitalfields : 94 Commercial St., London, UK, E1 6LZ

First off, excuse the grainy pictures; it was dark and i was shooting with my phone camera, which has served me pretty well so far in the day.

Coming here was the result of a slight miscommunication, but the meal at this off-shoot upstart never had us questioning our decision at any point, particularly since the charming maitre'd was obliging enough to accommodate our party. (Other St. John overview HERE)

St John Bar & Restaurant : 26 St John Street, London, UK, EC1M 4AY

A miscommunication meant we ended up eating at the Spitalfields' branch of the St John group of eateries first before we came here for lunch (pictures will be up later). (St. John Wine & Bread HERE)

This Smithfield's branch is right smack in the meat district, which kind of clues you in to the type of food that can be expected... meat, meat off-shoots and more meat!

The Breakfast Club - Angel : 31A Camden Passage, London, UK, N1 8EA

This is a great cosy cafe-style eatery that features an 'all-day breakfast' menu. They open from as early as 8am on a weekday and we visited the Angel branch for our grease-fix for the day. The ambience is young, cheery and upbeat, which provided us with a perfect start to a sunny day.

Ah Hwa Restoran, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

In Malaysia Fried Hokkien Mee is black, in Singapore its the opposite, without color. Both can be great and in Malaysia one of the very best is Ah Hwa Restoran located in Petaling Jaya at Jalan 222. There is always a long queue at dinner time and for good reason.

UK, Whitchurch, Burleydam, Combermere Arms

A Michelin star chef out here in the North of England. He runs the Combermere Arms and serves typical British fare.The favourites here are the Steakburger(top pic) which is tasty but needs to be cooked well or medium well as per house rules (?).Also appealing is the Fish and Chips (haddock) which is quite a large meal.The braised Lamb shoulder is also yummy.And the daily special, this one being a pudding-like dish with a beef stew.

Lee Do Restaurant : 61 Ubi Ave 1, #01-13, Singapore (tel: +65-6742-2181)

What started out as a clever way to keep crabs fresh overnight has resulted in Lee Do's signature dish. Now every single table will order at least one but often one crab for each person at the table. The crab meat is succulent and taste is really fresh with a sweetness that belies its cold dish status. Simply heavenly.

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