Chinta Manis- 11 King Albert Park, Unit 10-04. S698292

 We do not usually get excited by a chain of food outlets but this  one derseves a place on our website. It was our search for a good Mee Siam that led us to try Chinta Manis at King Albert Park.

The Canteen - Shaw Center 1 Scotts Road, 01-01B

The cheese burger looked attractive so we decided to give it a try. Its quite good for "canteen food" but the price says otherwise (reasonable for a cafe). The Canteen is actually run by the Les Amis group and helps explain why the food tastes good. We rate the burger as good but not great.

Tekong Seafood Restaurant, Block 6 Changi Village Road, #01-2100 Changi Village, S509907

You can't imagine having to travel the entire breadth of the island to get here but if you care for good seafood it has its rewards. Tekong Seafood Restaurant was ostensibly once on Pulau Tekong but its better that its here in Changi Village.Its not slick like Long Beach or Jumbo. Its rather laid back and the style of cooking is retro but more importantly delicious.

Satay Istemewa, Stall 25, Ayer Rajah Food Center

There are few things better than finding a great satay stall and lo and behold in the midst of Ayer Rajah Food center there is a really good one. And we can say this after having eaten there a few times to make sure the first time wasn't a fluke. Some might find it a bit sweet but there is no denying there is great taste and the meat is not dry but succulent.

The chicken is not breast meat or at least it does not appear to be. The beef and mutton are as tasty. The mutton is not gamey and the beef occasionally chewey but very edible. 

Handburger at 313@Somerset - B2-7/18/19 S 238895

Handburger is a very clever mix of marketing, presentation  and location.  Located at 313 and Raffles City, Handburger is clearly aiming for the trendy crowd. Good service and great presentation seems to bring in the crowds. 

And because of the crowds it attracts more customers. The burger really looks the business and has all the promise of a great burger.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria - 9595 S Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89123, USA

Great pizza is only found in Italy right? Well the Italians think so but for those who look further than the boders of Italy know Italian food is found all over the world and some of it is really great. One of these is Grimaldi's, a small chain of outlets in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Texas and New York. Its a pizzeria chain that only does pizzas but no pastas, maybe just a salad or two.Surprisingly Grimaldi's pizza is really good with a thin crust and wood/coal - fired brick oven.

Roadhouse - 13 Dempsey Road #01-07. Singapore 249674

Roadhouse is really an American style diner but without the retro decor. Their burgers have often been lauded (especially the Terminator Challenge burger) so it would have to be included in the comparo. The location at Dempsey is excellent, a very chill environment. The Roadhouse is part of the Prive group.

Zaiton Satay Stall, Adam Road Food Center

Satay is one of out favourites and naturally we need to keep track of where the good stalls are. Nothing like a mediocre satay to spoil the mood. At the Adam Road food center is located Zaiton Satay stall no.7. It is pretty low key but the surprise is how good they taste. 

It is juicy and well marinaded making even the chicken soft and tender, not dry like paper pulp.  Overall it is very satisfactory and goes into our recommended list.  


De Burg - Reopens. Blk 119 # 01-40 Bukit Merah Lane 1.

If you like burgers you surely must have heard of this one. De Burg started life at Sommerville condo but had to move to Ghim Moh as they got too popular and upset residents. Not long after settling in they had to move again thanks to the HDB block at Ghim Moh going en bloc! However it is with relief that they are back now at the Bukit Merah industrial estate.

Rashid Khan - Mee Siam, Ayer Rajah Food Center

This ubiquitous food called Mee Siam has infiltrated many cultural lines and this version is the Indian-Muslim variety which has less assam (sour) and some coconut milk flavour.

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