De Burg - Revisited

With the ongoing burger fest, we decided just to be sure of our (stomach's) findings, we ought to just head over to DeBurg and make sure theirs is no fluke.

More fans have found their new premises and it is now quite crowded. Alexandra Village may not have the Holland Village ambience but its the food we are after. We note that they have put up a new catchphrase - Home of the Burgasm, a bit of oversell there but know what? Their burgers are consistently the best, if just by a nose. Update as of July 2014: De Burg has been forced to move out. Met up with Chef Andrew- No new location yet. Sad news for De Burg fans.

Smok'inn Frogs- 879 Cherry Avenue, Jct of Bukit Timah & Old Holland Rd

This place comes highly recommended by some so we had to include it in out burger survey, just to be thorough. It is in a fab location, with a conglomerate of outlets that ends up like a micro-Holland Village. The atmosphere is delightful with a good mix of expats and locals.

Fatboys - The Burger Bar - 465 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427677

Our journey through the burger jungle would not be complete if we did not feature Fatboys. You cannot consider yourself to be a burger connoisseur if you do not. They have two branches, one in Joo Chiat Road and the other along Thomson Road.

Project Burger - Seoul, Korea

Could this be? No really good burgers in Korea. Maybe we haven't hit the mother lode. In the giant upscale Hyundai Shopping center in Apgujeong we came across this Project Burger. This was a last chance for salvation for burgers in Korea. Lets order one!

Promising, two cooks in proper attire slaving over the sizzling burgers and taking orders as well! We ordered the PB Original burger, how can we go wrong?

Burger Hunter - Seoul, Korea

So in our search for a gourmet burger that would beat In n Out burgers we came across this joint called Burger Hunter in a new shopping area in D-Cubed City in Seoul. It looked interesting with the distinct 1960's American Diner decor. So we gave it a go just to be thorough.

We ordered the Bacon n Cheese burger which has the 200 gm patty. It took a while to come so was not a pre-prepared fast food joint. We were hopeful.

Kraze Burgers - in Seoul

Kraze Burgers have arrived in Singapore but we took the opportunity to try them on their home turf, Seoul, Korea. It is a rather popular burger chain and every outlet seemed to be quite full with an endless stream of customers. We had to see what the fuss was all about.

Lotus of Siam Thai Cuisine - 953 East Sahara Avenue # A5 Las Vegas, NV 89104

You would not believe this is a fine dining Thai restaurant if one stood outside the front door. The car park is so poorly lit and the shops around the mall all shut for the day makes it look unappealing. BUT... this Thai food restaurant is just about the best outside Thailand.

The usual dishes like Pad Woon Sen or Fried Basil Beef tastes fabulous. The taste is robust and very authentic despite being located in Las Vegas! 2-thumbs up!

Canele Patisserie - 350 Orchard Road, #05-21 Shaw House, S238868

The huge billboard advertising a lovely looking Wagyu Burger piqued our interest (scientific of course). This patisserie serves burgers apart from their usual pastry and deserts. It is run by the good people from Les Amis and is pitched a little more upmarket than the Canteen outfit which is(also) located next door(and on the ground floor). All this, in order to cater to the cinema goers of Lido.

Riverside Indonesian BBQ - 313@Somerset, Ion Food Opera

With so many Ayam Penyet stalls around and claiming to be the original we really got to be more circumspect. Wandering around B3 of 313 we came across a long queue of people at this stall called Riverside Indonesian BBQ. And they would just point at a printed number on the glass widow, housing the cook grilling the meat. The numbers refer to which particular BBQ you want with the curry rice (vege is a cost option) and while you queue the cook is putting your order through the automated grill which in itself is quite interesting.

Relish - 501 Bukit Timah Road, Level 2 Cluny Court, S259760

Relish is one of the original gourmet burger joints and is part of the Wildrocket group. Its a pity they did not reopen Burger Bench and Bar so it is left to Relish to cater for the burger fans. Years ago when they were charging around twenty bucks for a burger many were aghast but it is now very much the norm for a gourmet  burger. Relish and B3 had the reputation of being about the best around and to a large extent Relish still delivers the goods. 

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