Text: Akis Temperidis
Photography: Renato Zacchia

2012 Sepang Track Days (June-July Updates)

A compilation of known Sepang or Pasir Gudang 2012 track-day sessions for our readers' information.

If you know of any other sessions, please drop us a line at: or

Maserati GranCab in Cuba

A Maserati in Cuba in the footsteps of Fangio

No longer is it a desperate task to travel by car from Havana to Varadero, or Santiago de Cuba to Cajo Coco. Of course those rental cars certainly don't have the same charm as an American collectable from the 1950s, held together with ambitious and crazy repairs and the fruit of a talent rendered necessary by many years of embargo, witnesses of the corrupt dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, forced out in 1959 by the revolution led by Fidel Castro, with Che Guevara at his side. That's why in Havana, we still see so many of those well-known brands - and even a few in the countryside too - Cadillac, Plymouth, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Studebaker and English Spiders, MG, Sunbeam and Austin Healey. The largest are used as taxis, as luxury vehicles with drivers, and the best kept are offered as limos to be used as wedding cars. A sort of heaven for fans of historic cars, who come time and time again to the Caribbean island's most forgotten ravines in search of hidden treasures on four wheels.

From Boston To New York In Search Of The Old Post Road

In the early days there was the Pequot Trail, the Nashaway road and the Mohawk trail: paths traced by the passage of Native American tribes of the Northeast on their migration routes. These were faltering and fragmented trails which Mother Nature and the elements could modify at their pleasure. Then came the European settlers, whose arrival ushered in the need to establish reliable, safe communications between the newly founded cities of Boston and New York.

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