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Rim Job : Alcoa to supply wheels for the Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Alcoa Auto Wheels is providing advanced lightweight wheels for the V12 Vantage – billed by Aston Martin as its most exhilarating sports car.

"The forging technology behind these wheels enables significant weight savings directly benefiting handling performance, ride quality, acceleration and braking,” explains David Yates, marketing manager for Alcoa Europe.

“Our forging process results in a superior metal structure that also improves strength and durability, allowing finer wheel detailing and lighter weight.”

Bespoke Tailoring : Aston Martin Works Service Tailored

At the 80th Geneva Autosalon, Aston Martin presented the world debut of a new bespoke service; Works Service Tailored and the new DBS UB-2010.

No Ugly Duckling : Aston Martin Cygnet Concept

The Aston Martin Cygnet Concept is a bold step towards a new form of transportation; the luxury commuter car, a form of personal transportation that sees the company's core values engage with a new environment. (Ferrari fans look here for the Scuderia tribute!)

(Production for the Cygnet is confirmed, read more HERE)

Cult Cars Central report on Aston Martin Rapide



The last four door AM was the Lagonda. The Rapide thankfully is nothing like it. AM is looking at ways to increase the number of derivatives from the VH platform. Since it has no historical links it is hard to determine how buyers respond to such a new car.


Rebel with a Cause : Aston Martin Rapide

photo assay by Nick Dimbley

When Aston Martin's lifeline with Ford was severed, project Rapide (which was already shown to the public as a concept car at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show) had been consigned to cold storage. Had the project not been set aside, the Rapide could well have been ready to do battle with the Panamera as early as last year.

However Ford, who were at that time its owner, shelved the plans as they were undergoing a massive restructuring themselves to keep afloat. In 2007 after more than a year's delay the new owners of Aston Martin, a Kuwaiti conglomerate and David Richards from Prodrive eagerly gave the final green light to the Rapide project.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage concept

Aston Martin Unveils Performance Concept CarAt the official opening of Aston Martin’s first ever dedicated design centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, on Tuesday 11 December 2007, Dr Ulrich Bez, Chief Executive Officer, thrilled an audience of more than seven hundred VIP guests with a surprise unveiling of a stunning new 600bhp performance concept car; the V12 Vantage RS.

Lease renewal - the new V8 Vantage 4.3 [Driven]

While its styling is not as reserved as the Porsche 996 C4S, it certainly is not as flamboyant as the Maserati GranSport. Following the sensuous styling cues of the DB9, the Vantage V8 appears to be an abbreviated version of that large elegant coupe, now closely approximating the dimensions of the Porsche 911. However the decidedly suave styling is a clear win for the seductive Vantage V8, generating a strong visceral response from any angle.

2005 New Aston Martin V8 Vantage 4.3L

 V8 Vantage 2005
Aston Martin unveiled the production version of its eagerly awaited V8 Vantage at the 2005 Geneva International Motor Show on Tuesday 1st March.
First shown as a concept car at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the AMV8 Vantage immediately caused a worldwide sensation as it allows Aston Martin to enter a new sector of the premium sports car market with a genuine alternative to other cars that are currently on offer.

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