Wearnes Automotive officially appointed McLaren dealer for Singapore

McLaren Automotive, the new high-performance sports car company based at McLaren’s Formula 1 headquarters in the UK, has announced today that Wearnes Automotive will be the company’s retail partner in Singapore.

McLaren Automotive has announced that it plans to compete at the top level of the sports car market with a range of premium, high power, highly efficient, lightweight, luxurious, carbon-based cars.

The first in that range of exclusive cars will be the McLaren MP4-12C, and Wearnes Automotive will begin selling the 12C from late 2011, with a first year production of up to 1,000 cars. The Singapore market is expected to be one of McLaren Automotive's key markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Globally, initial interest in the much anticipated 12C has already exceeded the first year's allocation, with over 3,000 potential customers expressing an interest in buying the12C.

World Debut of MP4-12C at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed

* Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton drive the MP4-12C in the Supercar Run at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed
* 12C placed in pole position in every Supercar Run
* A short film has been produced by McLaren Automotive to commemorate this milestone event and is now available for media to download in High Definition or to view at

Carbo Tech to supply carbon monocoques to McLaren Automotive from 2011

Carbo Tech has received the world’s largest order for series-production carbon monocoques to be introduced on a range of high-performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive from 2011. The order, which amounts to 150 million Euros, will result in investment in a new production facility at the company’s Salzburg site. Up to 100 new jobs will be generated in construction of the new facility, and in manufacturing the carbon fibre-based monocoque.

20th Anniversary of the McLaren F1

In 1988, McLaren took the decision to expand from Formula One and design and build “the finest sports car the world had ever seen”. In March 1990 the team that was to create the F1 came together for the first time. In its 20th anniversary year, the McLaren F1 is considered by most people to be one of the greatest cars of all time. Its exclusivity, technical innovation, racing provenance, revolutionary packaging and extraordinary driving experience have made it an icon.

Online Configurator for McLaren MP4-12C goes Live

‘Designed around the driver’ has been the prevailing concept for the MP4-12C. From 31 March 2010, future customers and sports car enthusiasts alike are able to put themselves in the driving seat of this truly innovative new high-performance sports car and specify their ideal 12C using an interactive online car configurator at

Daddy Mac : McLaren MP4-12C Tracked by F1 Duo

Reigning Formula 1 world champion, Jenson Button, along with team-mate, and 2008 Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton took to the wheel of McLaren’s newest model recently as the high-performance MP4-12C sports car edged towards one million miles of development.


The Unbearable Lightness of Being : McLaren MP4-12C

Development of the groundbreaking McLaren MP4-12C is entering its final phase. The bespoke high-performance sports car is due to launch in 2011, and right now the latest Experimental Prototype (XP) 12Cs are undergoing intensive appraisal at a number of test locations around the world.


See Video of the MP4-12C on appraisal HERE

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