Golf Concept gets 400 hp! [Release]

Volkswagen is displaying the potential of its flagship Golf R hatchback at the Auto China show in Beijing, in the muscular form of the Golf R 400 concept. If the ‘400’ in the name doesn’t give the game away that this is a seriously powerful machine, then the body and bumper modifications and flared wheelarches should give more than a hint.

Based on the standard Golf R hatchback, which with its turbocharged 300 PS engine and 4MOTION four-wheel drive is hardly a shrinking violet, the Golf R 400 ups the ante considerably, with 400 PS and an extra 70 Nm of torque, making for 450 Nm in total, available from 2,400 to 6,000 rpm.

VW announces next Golf R [Release]

Volkswagen has released the first details of its powerful new Volkswagen Golf R, which is set to take to the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. With a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 300 PS and 380 Nm (280 lbs ft), and transferring its power to the road via the latest 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, the new Golf R is the fastest-accelerating production Golf yet, with a zero to 62 mph time of just 5.3 seconds (compared with 5.7 seconds for the previous model), or 4.9 seconds when fitted with the optional six-speed DSG gearbox.

VW announces the Golf GTI Mk VII [Release]

Wolfsburg, 27 February 2013 - At the Volkswagen company, the letters “GTI” have stood for superior dynamic performance for over three decades now. In the tradition of previous GTI models by the same name, Volkswagen is introducing the latest version of the Golf GTI at the Geneva International Motor Show. For the first time, the legendary compact sports car is available at two power levels: the standard 220 PS or the GTI Performance with 230 PS and front axle differential lock.

History of the VW Golf GTI : The Inside Story

The Golf GTI has been in existence for 35 years now. Officially. But of course its history actually began much earlier, and that part of its story is unofficial. A group of enthusiast engineers of the dynamic side of Volkswagen – initially advanced the idea of a “Sport Golf” project in secret starting in 1974. Taking the lead roles here were Anton Konrad, former PR director, and Alfons Löwenberg, an engineer with petrol coursing through his blood… The idea. “On 18 March 1974 I wrote a widely distributed internal memo – across all hierarchies as was my style back then,” recalls Alfons Löwenberg. Its subject matter: one should really consider offering a sporty Golf model for younger customers. Löwenberg might have put on a coat when he got the feedback: he perceived a definite chill in the air. “It was clear to see”, says Anton Konrad, “that Volkswagen was fully occupied with the roll-out of its new model line-up. At that time, very few were receptive to a special project of this kind.” Nonetheless, Löwenberg continues to work meticulously and in secret – on a test car…

The 35th anniversary Golf GTI- The Edition 35 [Driven]

So as we enter the twilight of the Golf Mk VI ,VW releases the Edition 35, ostensibly the 35th anniversary celebratory model that VW traditionally seems to dish out at the last couple of years of the model life except this Edition 35 has replaced the normal variety GTI.

Its not a bad thing because the E35 comes with some extra equipment and a bit more power, enough to make it special. Calling it an instant collector's item might be stretching it a bit mainly because it is just so popular with so many examples running around. With 1.7 million at last count, its hard to see a collector's value, more like market value. (except for the Mk I GTI)

VW Golf GTI Cabriolet at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show [Release]

The most powerful production Golf Cabriolet ever is set to be unveiled next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Pictured here for the first time, the Golf GTI Cabriolet packs in all the performance and practicality of the GTI hatchback, and adds the pleasures of open-air motoring for four, thanks to an electrically powered fabric roof which can be folded away in just 9.5 seconds, even while travelling at speeds of up to around 30km/h.

History of the VW GTI

History of the origins of the first Golf GTI
Inception of the GTI originated in 1973

The Golf GTI is a phenomenon, a brand within the Volkswagen brand, an automobile world view and an unmistakable design statement that has now attained sales of 1.7 million units. It is an original among sporty compacts. Spectacular stories have always circulated about how the first GTI (Gran Turismo Injection) came into being. At the center of these stories there is always a "secret society" of people who pushed through the GTI right up to production stage against the clock and opposition from their superiors. Many of the tales about these developments that have been passed down are true, but just as many of them have become distorted over the decades and are often wrong. The fact is that the Golf GTI was the ingenious idea of a few men. This is their story and the story of the first GTI.

VW's mini GTI : VW Polo GTI [Driven]

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Many owners rather say they have a GTI than a VW Golf because the sub-brand, GTI has a better image than VW itself. Is it fair that VW uses the GTI badge on anything other than a Golf? VW has already used the GTI name on the previous Polo and even earlier on the first and second generation Scirocco .

VW has again used the GTI badge on the Polo, but the big question is does it have the magic of the Golf GTI?

VW's 35th anniversary Golf GTI [Release]

Wolfsburg, 10 May 2011 – The 35th anniversary of the Golf GTI was an impetus for Volkswagen to create a very special type of anniversary model.

In Germany, from May 12th orders are taken for the anniversary model offered under the “Edition 35” label.

Spreading the Diese-ase : VW Golf GTD [Driven]

It's funny how Joe Average stubbornly continues to perceive even modern turbodiesel engines as being dirtier than their petrol equivalents, even in light of the cutting-edge Euro-V and newer stuff. Going by the reactions we've encountered, privately registered 'diesel' vehicles almost seems to be a taboo topic best mentioned only in the privacy of one's own home. A pity.

Turbodiesel vehicles make good sense in Singapore's context, where more time is spent in start-stop city traffic than long, high-speed expressway runs. With only a handful of private turbodiesel registrations every year, such vehicles remain a plaything of the well-heeled (R50 Touareg anybody?), so it's a crying shame the diesel movement hasn't spread as virulently here as it has in Europe.

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