Special Lotus Position for Heikki Kovalainen

It was a real thrill for the Lotus workforce to see Lotus F1 Racing Driver Heikki as he was given a personal tour of the production facilities yesterday, and even more exciting for those few employees who got a rare chance to be driven by the F1 star as he tested the Lotus Evora on Lotus’ own test track for the first time.

All Grown Up : Lotus Evora [Review]


Lotus had been toying with this idea for some time now to garner a larger audience by enlarging its diminutive aluminium Elise chassis into something of a 2+2. Funding the project has been something of a perennial problem but the guys at Lotus know how to work lean and smart.

Whilst many admire and covet the Elise and the Exige, it is really too much to ask of the potential owner to put up with the foibles of merely getting in and out of the car let alone having to stare at vast expanses of bare aluminium panels. Yes this has sort of become Lotus' ethos to be as lean as possible but it also limits its appeal to just a few diehard enthusiasts who appreciate the concept of lightweight above all else. The Europa was an attempt at moving out of Lotus' comfort zone. What then can we expect of the Evora?

Lotus Goes Loco : Lotus Exige S Performance Package [Review]

After having successfully developed the wild and wacky Lotus 2-Eleven Lotus were keen to exploit the possibilities of what it had garnered from that project. The recipient is the Exige S. The closed coupe body of the Exige is of course heavier but Lotus realizes that it is far more marketable compared to the completely topless 2-Eleven.

Lotus brings back an old name - Europa

The Lotus Europa name dates back to 1966 but ever since that first illustrious model run the Europa name has not seen the light of day on any recent Lotus till now. In order to expand on its recent success Lotus has decided that the best direction to take was not follow the race track prowess of the Exige but to refine and make the new car a more agreeable proposition.

Lotus Elise second coming - Elise Series 2

Lotus has a way of making you sit up and notice and the latest, new for 2002 Elise is a real head turner. This second generation Lotus Elise still keeps true to the founder, Colin Chapman and his philosophy of making his cars as light as is feasible for the job at hand, which then meant racing. But unlike his racing cars that crumbled just after taking the chequered flag, the 1995 Elise Mk I has proven it can last the test of time.

Wild Lotus - the Lotus Exige - S1

You would be excused if you were confused about the current Lotus line up. Most of us know that the Elise is the entry-level model and the Esprit is their premium model. What then is the Exige and 340R? Well, the 340R is a limited production model that is not quite considered one of its normal production models though based on the Elise. The Exige, on the other hand is not limited and will be production-available as a high spec model with the 177-bhp engine, similar to the one we tested in the 340R. Still confused? The Exige is not an Elise though heavily based on it.

Last of old school Lotus- Esprit V8 GT

Lotus is not exactly a household name but few are those enthusiasts who have not heard of this UK specialty car manufacturer. Their founder, the late Mr. Colin Chapman was more renown for his Formula One cars and penchant for making cars as light as possible for a given task. Back in 1975, Lotus introduced the original Esprit based on a fiberglass body bonded to a steel backbone. Indeed even Ferrari and Lamborghini used this technique, as it was the best technology at that time. What really launched Lotus on a worldwide scale was its exposure in the early James Bond movies.

Masterstroke Lotus- 340R

To catch a glimpse of this gem is a rarity but to drive it is a privilege few will have. One of the reasons is there will only be 340 examples of this particular Lotus made worldwide and most of them have already been spoken for. No doubt a few will make the trip to our shores but into the hands of enthusiasts and collectors. Lotus may have had a checkered past but in recent years, the extremely focused specialist automaker from UK has been turning heads in more ways than one.


If you must have comfort, refinement, quiet, power steering, power windows, electric seats, assisted brakes, central locking, and an automatic transmission then stop here and read no further. The journey we are about to embark on is one in the minimalist doctrine of one Colin Chapman, the late founder of Lotus. We are only looking for two things here, power and handling. There isn’t anything in his cars that are heavier or bulkier than is needed to get the job done, though Chapman’s philosophy only lives on in spirit. He might just turn in his grave if he knew the current state of affairs of his company.

Fastest four-door saloon in the world (1990) - Lotus Omega


At the end of traversing the back roads of the Riviera, through numerous vineyards, the return leg of the day's trek was via the Autoroutes. Large signs display boldly "120 Km/h", we figure that it must be the posted speed limits. But wait, as we join the traffic, sixteen-wheelers seem to be roaring by. Other cars seem to be flying by our Lotus Omega travelling at 120 Km/h with such disdain that one wonders if 120 Km/h is the minimum speed limit. But wait, up ahead we slowly catch up with a Renault Cinq(R5) probably cruising just under 120 Km h We signal left and move to overtake at about 120 Km h But in our rear mirror there are flashing headlights of a Peugeot 205 GTI, the driver obviously impatient like a bat out of hell, gesticulating with his hands. Well, the driver certainly didn't seem too friendly, let's see what the Lotus Omega can do. We drop out of the tall (71 Km/h per 1000 rpm) sixth gear that this gear box has, which the mother company, General Motors has pinched from the ZR-1 Corvette. Find 3rd clumsily as there are so many gates, and slam home the throttle. For a short while the engine feels flat then as the turbochargers kick in, we feel the seat of our pants slide backwards over the leather lined seats, only to be restrained by the backrest. The large speedometer reads 150 Km/h. .180 Km/h . .200 Km/h at a rate one would associate with a tachometer! Phenomenal performance!

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