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Honda's Firecracker- Honda Integra Type R (DC2)

It was curious to see what Honda was planning as a counter measure to the remarkable success of the Subaru WRX. Honda, a company that prides itself in engine technology, seemed for a time to concentrate too much on trying to satisfy the mass market with popular models like the Accord and Civic. However the company has seen a resurgence of its former self, the persona that helped it to seven consecutive Formula One championships and a string of Indy Car wins.

Ferrari returns to Front Engine layout- the Ferrari 550M [review]

Pictures just do not do justice to the Ferrari 550M. It does not convey the sense of awe when in its presence. It does not convey the intrigue or the desire this machine evokes. You just have to be there. But sadly it is easier said than done. The entrance fee to this exclusive club is going to set one’s account back by a million dollars, so perhaps for many the closest one will ever get to a 550M is in these pictures.

Ferrari F355 automated -F355 F-1 [review]

Ferrari 355 F1
Is nothing sacred anymore? Has the automatic transmission invaded the last bastion of automobile purity? Yes and no. Ferrari must have thought hard and long before embarking on this ambitious project. Yes, heaven forbid, an automatic transmission can be found in their 456 GTA but that does not make it any less of a car. However, it does not fully tap the level of performance available from this exoticar.


Ferrari on their 50th anniversary has decided to celebrate their coming of age in a few well planned ways. The release of their 550M is one, another is the completion of the limited production run of their most expensive car, the F50. If you are interested to know it should make a neat dent in your bank account, about $1 million deep and $1 million wide but this gurantees exculsivity to a worldwide ownership of just 249 cars.




Few are the people who have not heard of the name Ferrari. Little boys and grown men alike covet the Ferrari but what is it? A legend, a myth, or a promise? It may mean different things to different people but in the automobile kingdom, there is no other manufacturer with such a singular purpose of being yet able to enjoy the fame and good fortune.

Audi's refines their S2 - Audi S2 1992 [Driven]

It was Audi which made four-wheel drive a household word back in the early 80s with its legendary Audi Quattro that certainly was a machine with a purpose. A rally machine with a turbocharged five-cylinder engine developing 200 bhp to drive all four wheels, it literally left the others standing. And by others, we don't mean ordinary everyday cars but full-fledged rally icons like the Fiat Abarth 131, Lancia Stratos and Ford Escort RS. The purpose of the Quattro was very clearly defined— defeat the opposition.

Fastest four-door saloon in the world (1990) - Lotus Omega


At the end of traversing the back roads of the Riviera, through numerous vineyards, the return leg of the day's trek was via the Autoroutes. Large signs display boldly "120 Km/h", we figure that it must be the posted speed limits. But wait, as we join the traffic, sixteen-wheelers seem to be roaring by. Other cars seem to be flying by our Lotus Omega travelling at 120 Km/h with such disdain that one wonders if 120 Km/h is the minimum speed limit. But wait, up ahead we slowly catch up with a Renault Cinq(R5) probably cruising just under 120 Km h We signal left and move to overtake at about 120 Km h But in our rear mirror there are flashing headlights of a Peugeot 205 GTI, the driver obviously impatient like a bat out of hell, gesticulating with his hands. Well, the driver certainly didn't seem too friendly, let's see what the Lotus Omega can do. We drop out of the tall (71 Km/h per 1000 rpm) sixth gear that this gear box has, which the mother company, General Motors has pinched from the ZR-1 Corvette. Find 3rd clumsily as there are so many gates, and slam home the throttle. For a short while the engine feels flat then as the turbochargers kick in, we feel the seat of our pants slide backwards over the leather lined seats, only to be restrained by the backrest. The large speedometer reads 150 Km/h. .180 Km/h . .200 Km/h at a rate one would associate with a tachometer! Phenomenal performance!

Origin of the Species : Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16

Four-valve technology at Mercedes-Benz underwent a renaissance in the compact class 190E, or W201 (in reference to its chassis code) as the anoraks prefer to refer to it, in 1983. The 190 E 2.3-16 was a sporty variant of the compact class sedan, or Baby Benz (at that time), with outstanding driving characteristics.

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