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Last of old school Lotus- Esprit V8 GT

Lotus is not exactly a household name but few are those enthusiasts who have not heard of this UK specialty car manufacturer. Their founder, the late Mr. Colin Chapman was more renown for his Formula One cars and penchant for making cars as light as possible for a given task. Back in 1975, Lotus introduced the original Esprit based on a fiberglass body bonded to a steel backbone. Indeed even Ferrari and Lamborghini used this technique, as it was the best technology at that time. What really launched Lotus on a worldwide scale was its exposure in the early James Bond movies.

Masterstroke Lotus- 340R

To catch a glimpse of this gem is a rarity but to drive it is a privilege few will have. One of the reasons is there will only be 340 examples of this particular Lotus made worldwide and most of them have already been spoken for. No doubt a few will make the trip to our shores but into the hands of enthusiasts and collectors. Lotus may have had a checkered past but in recent years, the extremely focused specialist automaker from UK has been turning heads in more ways than one.

The sassy M3-E46

BMW “M” is the specialist company within the ranks of BMW AG that makes the sporty M-versions of BMW’s production series cars. It started in 1972 as BMW Motorsport GmbH and made the red-violet and blue “M” badge a very sought after icon. Still used to this date but the company has since become known simply as M GmbH. One might remember some legendary models like the M1, M535i, M5, M635 CSi.


If you must have comfort, refinement, quiet, power steering, power windows, electric seats, assisted brakes, central locking, and an automatic transmission then stop here and read no further. The journey we are about to embark on is one in the minimalist doctrine of one Colin Chapman, the late founder of Lotus. We are only looking for two things here, power and handling. There isn’t anything in his cars that are heavier or bulkier than is needed to get the job done, though Chapman’s philosophy only lives on in spirit. He might just turn in his grave if he knew the current state of affairs of his company.

Maserati vs Ferrari... Is This Possible? : Maserati 3200GT & Ferrari 360 Modena


We have driven them in Europe now they are here on our shores. Believe it or not, this test is more critical as it will truly reflect how it will perform in the owner’s hands. But have we lost our marbles, comparing the Maserati 3200GT and the Ferrari 360 Modena?

Honda's Sleeper Hit : Honda S2000

Is this yet another review singing praises of the Honda S2000? There can only be one unequivocal answer to that: Yes. If you are already convinced, then read no further but if you want to glean some little known details them read on.

When Honda displayed the SSM prototype at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show, we sat bolt upright in surprise but there was confusion when Pininfarina showed their Honda based Vivo Argento Roadster at the Geneva Auto Salon the next Spring.

Secretly we were hoping to see Pininfarina involved with Honda like they did for the NSX project but it was not to be and Honda kept and refined their in-house effort to achieve production standards.

Nissan Silvia spec-R

Intended to be a car that people get excited about, the new Silvia, 7th generation in this series, has been developed around the concept of "a nimble, compact sporty coupe that is thrilling to look at, sit in and drive."

The exterior design, embodying the motif of a sculpted form exuding a sensation of speed, imparts a feeling of spirited, nimble driving performance the instant one sees the car. Contributing to the Silvia's image of "speed and beauty" are its low, slanted nose with an advanced look, the tenacious-looking rear fenders expressing the stellar driving performance of this rear-wheel-drive car, the two character lines accentuated by the wedge shape and the unique panel treatment that wraps around the sides toward the rear.

Godzilla Awakes Again : Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)

The Skyline GT-R has consistently offered a world-class standard of total enjoyment through the pursuit of the ultimate in driving pleasure.

This latest R34 GT-R is the third-generation model since this legendary series was revived in 1989 with the release of the R32 GT-R following a 16-year hiatus. To continue the immutable concept of this series, the dynamic performance potential of the R34 GT-R has been further enhanced befitting the GT-R marque. Performance capabilities have also been added to enable drivers to elicit the car's full potential in their own personal driving style with complete peace of mind.

The Rebirth of Maserati : Maserati 3200 GT [review]

Mention Maserati and most will scoff at the very name. Once a respected marque now considered a non-contender. Why? Because of reliability problems, build quality, resale value and a lack of continuity. These are the very problems which sunk Maserati SpA.

Ferrari's four-seater-the 456M GT [review]

The question just begs to be asked, what does the “M” stand for? Well, the answer is not as exotic as one expects. M means Modificata or Modified. I guess that is what Ferrari considers a mid-life face-lift, except it hardly looks like a face lift because the exterior remains almost unchanged except for additional diving lamps in the front grille, rounded-off indicator lamps and removal of the cooling scoops in the chin spoiler.

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