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AMG primes the C32 (W203) for action [review]

When we set eyes on the new C-Class, it was love at first sight, the petite body in such elegant body form truly had its appeal. Back then we were only introduced to the C 200 Kompressor, C 240 and the C 320. Needless to say, only the C 320 made a significant impact although we were secretly hoping the more affordable C 200 Kompressor would fit the bill. Even after trying a manual version of the C 200 left us less than enthralled and with the impression that Mercedes Benz really did not have a proper manual transmission to offer. Though we must add that their automatic boxes have made great strides forward.

M3 So Sexy : BMW M3 Cabriolet (E46) [review]

It is true that open top cars have less structural rigidity than their coupe counterparts but in this case the E46 M3 Convertible has been strategically reinforced with some 70 kg more steel. Chassis shudder is minimal and only the worst roads revealed any sign of distress, it’s A-pillar remaining wobble-free for the most part. Mind you the suspension seems to be almost as firm as the coupe’s and the car came shod with ultra low profile 18-inch Pilot Sports mk1. (read the primer on M3 E46 HERE)



When we were introduced to the new Maserati 3200GT back in 1998, mainly Ferrari staff donning Maserati outfits with just a few Maserati staff on hand greeted us. Then, much of the 3200GT was derived from the Ferrari parts bin except for the engine and driveline which was a carryover from the Maserati biturbo era. With the introduction of the latest 4200GT coupe, all staff are now Maserati’s own but ironically the car is now completely Ferrari based. The new engine has very similar dimensions and design with the 360 Modena’s engine except for the fact it displaces 4.2-litres and has 10 bhp less, not all that surprising since we know Ferrari has team orders.

The Devil's Spawn- Lamborghini Diablo SV [review]


Can Lamborghini, with its roots traced to a tractor manufacturer possibly hold a flame to the other supercar greats? Looking at its short history, it had already scored credibility with the then superb Muira S and it has since convinced the motoring press that it is a genuine supercar maker.

Fastest Porsche (2001) - the 996 GT2 ver 1

The Fastest Member of the 911 Family

Wild Lotus - the Lotus Exige - S1

You would be excused if you were confused about the current Lotus line up. Most of us know that the Elise is the entry-level model and the Esprit is their premium model. What then is the Exige and 340R? Well, the 340R is a limited production model that is not quite considered one of its normal production models though based on the Elise. The Exige, on the other hand is not limited and will be production-available as a high spec model with the 177-bhp engine, similar to the one we tested in the 340R. Still confused? The Exige is not an Elise though heavily based on it.

The Lambo Diablo hits 6.0


The one other super car marque that one can bear mention in the same sentence with the illustrious Ferarri is Lamborghini. Even more specialized than Ferrari, Lamborghini has now become part of the huge VW Group. Torque once again brings readers this exclusive drive to see what changes this brings for the latest Diablo 6.0.

Mazda RX-7 Type RZ [Release]

Mazda Motor Corporation announces the release of the RX-7 Type RZ, a performance-enhanced limited edition version of the RX-7, Mazda's rotary engine-powered sports car, as well as enhancements to the other models in the RX-7 lineup. The new RX-7 models, including the limited edition Type RZ, go on sale today at Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

The limited edition RX-7 Type RZ is equipped with red custom full-bucket seats manufactured by Recaro, a custom suspension system manufactured by Bilstein, and custom aluminum wheels manufactured by BBS.

These and other enhancements reduce the overall weight of the Type RZ by approximately 10kg, improving handling and performance. The Type RZ has a custom body color-snow white pearl mica. Only 175 units of this limited edition model will be sold.


The M3 actually began life in 1986 although BMW Motorsport GmbH had started way back in 1972 with some legendary models like the M1, M535i, M5 and M635 CSi proudly wearing its red-violet and blue “M” badge. Initially intended for motorsport homologation purposes, the original 5000 examples swelled to 18,000 by the time the first M3 retired from production.

Hi-Ho Silvia : Autech Silvia Varietta (S15)

The new Silvia Convertible has been developed around the concept of "a car transformable at will between a sports coupe and a fun-filled convertible complete with a host of comfort amenities for delightful driving enjoyment."

With 2+2 interior packaging that seats four passengers comfortably and featuring the first fully opening power metal top on a domestic convertible, the Varietta uniquely blends exhilaration with comfort. Another notable feature is the world's first application of Morphoton(R) cloth to cover the main parts of the front seats.

Following the display of the Silvia Convertible Varietta at the Nissan booth of the 33rd Tokyo Motor Show last year as a reference model, Nissan has received many requests from customers for the commercialization of this car.

*The grade designation Varietta was coined from the Italian word "Varietà," meaning variation.

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