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Bridgestone RE050A


  • The RE050 has an asymmetric pattern with two unbroken tread blocks one in the center and oddly enough one on the inside.
  • Five tread blocks are arranged such that there are four distinct drainage channels with numerous cross sipings.
  • The sidewall is fairly stiff as is the tread belting.
  • The tyre has pronounced square shoulders.
  • They have a high YR speed rating that is unusual for this class.

Goodyear Eagle F-1 GSD3

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: The Goodyear GSD3 still follows the trend set by the original Eagle F-1 by adopting the V-shaped grooves eschewing the current trend of straight grooves. The tread compound is soft and after a hard run it becomes sticky to touch, picking up bits of gravel. The drainage channels are wide and deep. On careful examination, the grooves never quite separate the tread blocks leaving them to behave as a continuous band. The sidewalls are also flexible but the tread belting is stiff. [update: the GSD3 will remain in production and sold alongside the new Asymmetrics as its more affordable alternative]

V10 Mayhem : BMW M5 (E60) [review]

The BMW M5 treads upon the hallowed ground once the sole domain of cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. Few are the enthusiasts who have not heard of the legendary BMW M5.

While it may not be BMW’s best selling 5 Series, it is arguably BMW’s most iconic model as the M5 casts a halo effect over BMW’s entire range of cars. Although not new, the existence of the M5 implies that all BMWs share the same sporting DNA and those who own BMWs understand this.

The original Widowmaker- 911 GT2 (996)

What do you get when Porsche crosses a GT3 and the Turbo? Yeah, the GT2. Porsche's GT cars are names after the FIA homologation classes they have been planning to participate in. However for enthusiasts the GT cars are among the most sought after. See 996 GT2 Press Release HERE.

55 Stalks the M5 : Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG (W219) [review]

Lets just start by answering an oft asked question as to what AMG stand for and please commit it to memory after having read it. AMG represents three names. A is from Hans Werner Aufrecht, M is from Erhard Melcher and in 1967 they started a Mercedes speciality tuner business in a town called Grobaspach. AMG was finally acquired after many years of collaboration with Mercedes in 1999 and is now the official tuning arm for Mercedes products.

Porsche 996 GT2 ver 2.0

The most powerful turbocharged 911 develops maximum output of 355 kW or 483 bhp at 5700 rpm. Maximum torque is 640 Nm (472 lb-ft) between 3500 and 4500 rpm. The power unit of the 911 GT2 is the high-performance version of the flat-six carried over from the Porsche 911 Turbo. Redesigned for even higher air throughput, the two turbochargers allow an increase in absolute pressure under full load to 2 bar. From the engine, the 911 GT2 trans­mits its staggering power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

The second coming- Golf GTI mk5

Getting it right again

The GTI is the most recognized sub-brand VW have ever had and enthusiasts consider it having a better image than VW itself. While the traditionally conservative VW board almost did not give the green light for the 1976 MkI GTI, we must thank them for actually giving the go ahead.

Ferrari reloaded- F360 Challenge Stradale [review]

photos by Roberto Carrer

It would seem Ferrari is not one for abbreviations if the 360 Challenge Stradale is anything to go by. It may well be a mouthful but there is a method to this madness. The cognisant among you would have heard of the Ferrari Challenge Championship a one make, one model race series for customers. The Challenge cars are factory prepared race versions of the 360 Modena with a FIA sealed and inspected engine rated conservatively at 400 bhp, exactly the same as the standard 360. However its dry weight is just 1160 kg considerably lighter than the 1290 kg of the Modena. Ferrari has also developed the 360 GT for the FIA GT Championships which is an even more extreme car having 430 bhp and weighing just 1100 kg.

Comeback Kid- Lamborghini Gallardo [review]

The Lamborghini Gallardo 2003

Lamborghini’s baby supercar the Gallardo(pronounced Gar-yar-do) is deliberately aimed at Ferrari’s very popular 360 Modena. For Lamborghini, entering this new segment of the market could not have been possible under the old crumbling management despite the introduction of the very respectable Lamborghini Diablo.

Last Limited-Production Model of Mazda RX-7 'Spirit R' Unleashed [Release]

Mazda Motor Corporation today announces the launch of three models in the RX-7 "Spirit R," a limited-production series of the RX-7 rotary engine sports car. As the final limited-production series of the RX-7, the Sprit R series goes on sale on April 22 at Mazda Anfini and selected Mazda dealerships throughout Japan.

The third-generation RX-7, first launched in 1991, has a particularly distinctive exterior design. Its lightweight, compact and high-output rotary engine enables the driver to feel superb driving pleasure. Epitomizing Mazda's spirit of sports car, the RX-7 has won popularity among the customers since its 1978 launch. Mazda envisions the production of the current RX-7 model (FD-3S) to come to an end in August 2002.

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