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Falken FK452

The FK452 retains the V-drainage pattern of the FK451 but it has a central tread bead that separates the two halves. The drainage grooves are rather pronounced for aquaplaning resistance. Its shoulders are more square and the sidewalls are fairly stiff along with its tread belting.

Scrub-in period: The tyres took about 200 km to scrub-in. The steering took on a positive feel as the scrub-in progressed but always maintained a gentlemanly feel at the helm.

Pirelli P-Zero


Pirelli calls this the new P-Zero, no other designation like Nero or Rosso, just P-Zero. This all new pattern is really based on the 4-groove design with bigger blocks on the outside. It is asymmetrical but unidirectional making mounting easier. There is no continuous tread band which is unusual and the drainage channels cut across the entire tread. The sidewall has a flexible point 1/3 way from the crown. Tread belting is stiff but is a lightweight for this size.

White Lightning : Porsche 911 GT3 (997 mk1) [review]

This might be an odd way to begin a review, but it adds a hidden dimension to the 911 GT3. Legendary world rally champ, Walter Röhrl is Porsche's development driver and he is instrumental in getting the GT3 around the Nurburgring circuit in the fastest time possible. More importantly he is the complete development driver, because he knows exactly what needs tweaking to get the fast lap times.

BMW M5 Touring (E61) [Release]

A sports car that makes your heart skip a beat. A grand touring saloon taking you to your destination in style and comfort. An estate model able to handle all transport requirements. Three different cars we all find absolutely thrilling – or one single car offering all these qualities in the guise of the new BMW 5 Series Touring.

A genuine sports car in disguise, the BMW M5 Touring owes its supreme performance to the most powerful engine available from BMW M GmbH: The ten-cylinder power unit displacing 4,999 cubic centimetres develops maximum output of 373 kW/507 hp and peak torque of 520 Newton-metres or 383 lb-ft.

Offering this ideal performance data typical of a top-flight athlete as well as the high-speed concept so characteristic of a BMW M power unit, the V10 also to be admired in the BMW M5 Saloon ensures fascinating performance at all times.

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Lotus brings back an old name - Europa

The Lotus Europa name dates back to 1966 but ever since that first illustrious model run the Europa name has not seen the light of day on any recent Lotus till now. In order to expand on its recent success Lotus has decided that the best direction to take was not follow the race track prowess of the Exige but to refine and make the new car a more agreeable proposition.

Tasty Scooby Snack : Subaru Impreza WRX STI S204

Out of the box, this HAS to be one of the more potent Scoobys' available, and gives the vaunted Spec C a run for its money, in terms of desirability (in my eyes at any rate).

320bhp/6400rpm and 432Nm/4400rpm sound good eh?

some additional pictures of the S204 HERE

American Muscle : 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8

It wasn't long after the debut of the HEMI®-powered Chrysler C300 in 1955 that it became known as the "banker's hot rod." The key characteristics of that car-a powerful HEMI V8 engine, performance-tuned ride and handling and premium amenities-are also key to the 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8. And, there's quite a bit more.

Introduced in 2005, the Chrysler 300C SRT8 was the first Street and Racing Technology (SRT) vehicle to be powered with the 6.1L HEMI V8, which offers 85 more horsepower — 25 per cent more power — than the 5.7L HEMI. But SRT performance is more than just straight-line quickness.

Merc Ups the Ante : Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG (W219)

Who would have thought that Mercedes-Benz would resort to normal aspiration for their high-performance AMG units after a few geneartions of supercharged ones? Its quite amusing to see a genteel car like the CLS burn rubber like this but of late Mercedes Benz has been keen to gain some notoriety with their latest and baddest CLS 63 AMG.

This replaces the CLS 55 AMG which featured the supercharged 476 bhp 5.5L V8 with a veritable mountain (700 Nm) of torque. However the CLS 55 AMG was compromised by having to use the five-speed AMG automatic because at that time it was the only transmission capable of handling that stupendous torque.

Continuance of Dominance : Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG (2006 W211)

One would think an E-Class with 476 bhp and 700 Nm worth of mind bending torque would be good enough but obviously the good people at AMG obviously think otherwise. The latest E 63 AMG has a normally aspirated V8 replacing the supercharged 5.5-litre. While the E 63 AMG boasts of 514 bhp, the towering 700 Nm of torque of the E 55 AMG would need the services of a 7-litre V8, showing the advantage of supercharging.

Michelin Preceda 2


  • The tread design of the Pilot Preceda resembles that of Pilot Sport 2.
  • The carcass shape looks similar except where the bead seat turns up into the sidewall which is less bulbous than the PS2.
  • There is an asymmetrical tread pattern but is non-directional for easy mounting.
  • The four groove design is similar to the PS2 except for the outer one that is spaced wider than the very narrow one of the PS2.
  • The center rib is also broken with fine angled sipings. The sidewall is fairly stiff as is the tread belting.
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