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Cult Car Central status report- Honda S2000



Honda announced in 1999 that they were about to launch a remake of their S500/600 convertible of the late 60s, a tiny but stunning triumph of engineering over the odds. With a 600cc four cylinder engine that had four side draught Kehin carbs, 16-valves, Double Over Head cams, needle roller main bearings and an unbelievable rpm limit of 11,000 rpm! It was rear driven but via chains to solve the problem of the suspension movement.

Rebel with a Cause : Aston Martin Rapide

photo assay by Nick Dimbley

When Aston Martin's lifeline with Ford was severed, project Rapide (which was already shown to the public as a concept car at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show) had been consigned to cold storage. Had the project not been set aside, the Rapide could well have been ready to do battle with the Panamera as early as last year.

However Ford, who were at that time its owner, shelved the plans as they were undergoing a massive restructuring themselves to keep afloat. In 2007 after more than a year's delay the new owners of Aston Martin, a Kuwaiti conglomerate and David Richards from Prodrive eagerly gave the final green light to the Rapide project.

Blue Film : Honda S2000

Judging by Honda's current rhetoric, it's seems unlikely that cars such as the NSX and S2000 will continue to exist in Honda's future model line-up. Moreover, production has already stopped for the car so it has 'officially' achieved Classic status!

The S2000 ranks right up there with the NSX as the second mass production Honda that doesn't share its underpinnings with any other model in the line-up. In its lifetime, many die-hard Type R fans continued to ask if there would ever be a S2000 'Type R', but they clearly missed the point.

All Grown Up : Lotus Evora [Review]


Lotus had been toying with this idea for some time now to garner a larger audience by enlarging its diminutive aluminium Elise chassis into something of a 2+2. Funding the project has been something of a perennial problem but the guys at Lotus know how to work lean and smart.

Whilst many admire and covet the Elise and the Exige, it is really too much to ask of the potential owner to put up with the foibles of merely getting in and out of the car let alone having to stare at vast expanses of bare aluminium panels. Yes this has sort of become Lotus' ethos to be as lean as possible but it also limits its appeal to just a few diehard enthusiasts who appreciate the concept of lightweight above all else. The Europa was an attempt at moving out of Lotus' comfort zone. What then can we expect of the Evora?

Miami, USA : 8-oz Burger Bar

 The 8-oz Burger Bar in Miami

If you are ever in Miami then this is a food joint that deserves a visit. If there is one thing Americans do well its burgers and the 8-oz burger is a standout.

As its name implies the burger is made from an 8-oz patty and thats like a 250gm metric equivalent.

Lotus Goes Loco : Lotus Exige S Performance Package [Review]

After having successfully developed the wild and wacky Lotus 2-Eleven Lotus were keen to exploit the possibilities of what it had garnered from that project. The recipient is the Exige S. The closed coupe body of the Exige is of course heavier but Lotus realizes that it is far more marketable compared to the completely topless 2-Eleven.

M in its Sights : Audi RS 4 [review]

For Audi, the RS 4 does not just represent the pinnacle of high performance, it ushers in a new ideology for the brand. We take a fast drive through Tuscany to ascertain the changes at the top.

All Worked Up : MINI Cooper S JCW

By most accounts the Cooper S is already a fun car to belt around in but as you know enough is never enough. So enter the John Cooper Works MINI. MINI felt that rather than to let the aftermarket specialist tuners pump up the standard Cooper S, they decided to undertake the task themselves.

Borrowing the services of John Cooper and his son Mike, the official John Cooper Works kit was developed after a laborious three years in the making. Part of the reason for this was the testing procedure needed to ensure failsafe running of this JC Works kit, at least inasfar as it was offered as an official dealer-upgrade kit.

Italy, Rome : Ristoranti Sabatini

RISTORANTI SABATINI in TRASTEVERE is located in the old quarter of Rome. It is not that easy to locate but just search a little harder and it will all be so worth it. The given address is Vicolo S Maria in Trastevere 18 which is like a little square. The Restaurant is a little hidden from view.

The grilled steak (top pic) is highly recommended. It is a dinner menu but if you are there for lunch you may make a request. 

Day-Glo Orange is the New Black - Porsche 911 GT3 (996 Mk 1) [review]

An aurally loud and brash car like this Porsche 996 911 GT3 Mk 1 (or 'Sunkist', as it's informally known) needs an appropriately lurid colour to accompany it...

Mind you, it has all the ability to back up its distinctive colour choice so you'll never mistake it for some pastel-loving pansy.

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