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Recaro at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon

Japan’s largest car-tuning and 'car dress-up' event, “Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 with NAPAC”, was held from 15th to 17th January 2010 at the familiar Makuhari Messe.

SIHH 2010: IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph (ref. 3902)

The Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph (Ref. 3902) not only revives the name of one of the most successful IWC watches of the last century but also introduces a generous pinch of sporting appeal into the traditionally conservative Portuguese family – and in this way does justice to its legendary predecessor.

Cult Cars central report- BMW M3



Back in 1972 BMW created BMW Motorsport GmbH and was responsible for the creation of the M1, M535i, M5 and M635 CSi in a surge of self confidence and celebration by the engineers, a time when M meant Motorsport and not Marketing. Of course there is no denying this sub-brand of BMW is almost as renown and BMW itself and among the faithful even more so.

Cult Car Central status report- Porsche 993 GT3 mk1



It took Porsche 7 years to come up with another special 911 though not quite in the same vein as the 993 RS. The GT3 is a homologation special for the FIA GT3 races and though Mk 1 did not have a RS version it came in comfort and club sport versions.

Cult Cars Central report on Aston Martin Rapide



The last four door AM was the Lagonda. The Rapide thankfully is nothing like it. AM is looking at ways to increase the number of derivatives from the VH platform. Since it has no historical links it is hard to determine how buyers respond to such a new car.


Bridgestone Potenza RE11


Bridgestone's latest high performance has a very aggressive tread pattern, like a track based tyre which will undoubtedly attract buyers. With large tread blocks on the outer tread to better resist cornering loads and the three other continuous tread bands for drainage. The innermost tread band has drainage channels that do not really cut through to form discrete blocks. The sidewall is very stiff as is the tread belting.

Audi's Coup de'tat : S5 Coupe

At first glance, these cars have the phat stance, aggressive snouts and little addenda to set them apart from the rest of the neighbourhood hoodlums. The only thing is we all saw different bits of other marques' cars in the design of the A5 / S5.

Hot Elise : Lotus Elise 111R

Lotus the UK sports car specialist releases its latest creation, the diminutive Elise 111R but in many ways it’s a giant killer, we drive one to see just how deadly.

The guiding philosophy at Lotus is simple. Keep sports cars lightweight as possible. Its founder the late Colin Chapman, had devoted his life to racing, not unlike the late Enzo Ferrari. However Chapman was extreme in his belief that the race car should be as light and strong as is necessary and no more in order to complete the race and then fall apart.

Green and Bear It : VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI DSG

Green seems to be the theme for the past few posts. Thankfully for a change, in the case of the VW Scirocco, it's only 'green' in terms of its luminous Viper Green hue, as opposed to being yet another car for the tree-hugging brigade - not that there's anything wrong with 'going green' of course, lest thin-skinned readers start taking things the wrong way.

Well Under Par : VW Golf GTI (Mk 6)

Personally, we're fans of the new front of the Mk 6 Golf GTI; to these jaded eyes, it certainly looks far more menacing than the outgoing Mk 5... and the 6 is more than capable of backing it up with some action too. The exhaust revisions result in a more aggressive note when one is really pressing hard; tail-pipes are now on either side of the rear under-skirting.

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