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The Bear's Paw. School Lane, Warmingham, Crewe, CW113

English food has been getting a bad rap but there are sparks of greatness if you only look. However prepare to travel fairly far and wide. Here is one called the Bear's Paw located in Crewe.While there is food to be had, it is first and foremost a Pub so it is customary to down a pint of the local brew. Not surprising, that is where one finds the crowd.The Baked Field Mushrooms with Blue Cheese and pine nuts is a delecious aromatic starter.It may not sound too original- Tempura King Prawns but its just battered shrimp.

La Pescheria. 10/12 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 06000 Nice

We know its in France but La Pescheria is a great spot of Italian should you want it. Its just a street from the main drag and next to Hotel Exedra Boscolo. The pastas are as good to eat as they look and are served al dente. As this is a seaside city naturally seafood features prominently.

The Gamberetti Marinara is with a tomato base sauce but not overpowering, allowing you the chance to taste the succulent prawns.

Alex Eating House. 87 Beach Road S189695

Almost every food or hawker center you will find a stall selling an assortment of roast meats from Char Siew to Roast Duck. But to find one that tastes special beyond the ordinary is rare. One of them has to be the stall called Alex Eating House along Beach Road. 

The Char Siew is never dry and always roasted to a translucent looking texture with many charred caramelized bits.

Ristorante Alla Rampa. Roma- Piazza Mignanelli, 18

Somewhere near the Spanish Steps at the Piazza Mignanelli there is a little restaurant in the corner called Alla Rampa. Typical Italian food is served but it is reasonably priced and conveniently located. Quite a few locals patronize the place so its either authentic enough for the locals or the locals are also tourists.

Kong Kee Restaurant - 611 Lorong 31 Geylang. Singapore 389550

To get the best KL fried Hokkien Mee we had to drive up to KL or PJ which doesn't really warrant a drive of over 600 km to and fro unless you really like to drive. Well here is a solution- try the KL black Hokkien Mee at Kong Kee Restaurant at Lorong 31 Geylang.

Frying Fish - 120 Japanese Village Plz Mall Los Angeles, CA 90012-3909

Frying Fish Japanese Restaurant

If the Japanese food in Los Angeles seems a little too Americanized then a walk through little Tokyo in downtown LA should help. Here is a little joint run by a veteran chef called Sai. Its almost like a one-man operation but one is never short-changed.

Amirah and Nur Aniqah - Stall 9 Adam Road Food Center

Amirah and Nur Aniqah - Soto Ayam and Mee Soto

If you are looking for the best Soto Ayam or Mee Soto, this stall just about got it covered. There is a long queue most of the time especially during lunch and dinner. Oftentimes they are sold out before dinner!

Grandmama's - Pavilion KL, Level 6, 168 Jln Bukit Bintang KL.

So to make things clear, this is the original Grandmama's and the food is proof to clear any doubts. It might be pricey by Malaysian standards but the dishes are simply fabulous.A must eat is the beef rendang. It is shredded properly and the sauce is throughly infused.

Ristorante Pizzeria La Brace - 41053 Maranello (MO) - 22, v. Claudia Est

When visiting the Ferrari factory in Maranello, this is one of the more affordable restaurants around and serves decent food. Catering mainly for the locals, there is no english menu but its easy enough to figure out. The pizza is highly recommended and the pasta is pretty good too.

Apart from Ferrari, Maranello is a sleepy town and this restaurant is more homely than professionally run. However service is good as long as you smile back. Its not expensive and opens till late.

Pu Tien Restaurant - #02-205 Marina Square

 Pu Tien Restaurant

There are quite a few branches of Pu Tien restaurants but we are particularly impressed by the Marina Square branch. The most impressive looking dish, the steamed prawns can you believe is not the most memorable dish. That one has to the fresh cockles garnished with garlic and chili. The flavours are just outta of this world. 

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