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Zaiton Satay Stall, Adam Road Food Center

Satay is one of out favourites and naturally we need to keep track of where the good stalls are. Nothing like a mediocre satay to spoil the mood. At the Adam Road food center is located Zaiton Satay stall no.7. It is pretty low key but the surprise is how good they taste. 

It is juicy and well marinaded making even the chicken soft and tender, not dry like paper pulp.  Overall it is very satisfactory and goes into our recommended list.  


De Burg - Reopens. Blk 119 # 01-40 Bukit Merah Lane 1.

If you like burgers you surely must have heard of this one. De Burg started life at Sommerville condo but had to move to Ghim Moh as they got too popular and upset residents. Not long after settling in they had to move again thanks to the HDB block at Ghim Moh going en bloc! However it is with relief that they are back now at the Bukit Merah industrial estate.

Rashid Khan - Mee Siam, Ayer Rajah Food Center

This ubiquitous food called Mee Siam has infiltrated many cultural lines and this version is the Indian-Muslim variety which has less assam (sour) and some coconut milk flavour.

Tori Hei Izakaya Dining, 1757 W. Carson Street, Torrance, California, USA

This little gem of an Izakaya style Japanese restaurant is part of a group that has outlets in Yokohama and Ginza. We found this one in Torrance, Los Angeles. It is such an unassuming looking joint that one could easily give it a miss. But the constant flow of Japanese going in and out of the place piqued our interest.

IN-N-OUT Burgers, California, USA

In the land of the burgers, one chain stands out, In-n-Out burgers. They want to be a cut above the Carl's Jr, Macs and Wendy's but are not exactly competing against the gourmet burger joints or the greasy diners.

Loysel's Toy, Singapore

This is a cool, quiet place that fronts the Kallang River and park, which a friend inducted us to. Casual dining (a rather limited menu, but what they have they do well) with a large al fresco area, great coffee and best of all, a central location that is also off-the-beaten-path, so it's rather unlikely you'll spot somebody you know who doesn't already know about Loysel's happening across it accidentally...

Restoran Mei Sin : 16 Jln Melati - off Jln Imbi

No visit to KL is ever quite complete without an early breakfast at one of our favourite joints... CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, it was closed the morning we showed up, but the bitter tang of disappointment (or that could just have been the fumes from rush hour traffic) was quickly eased when we discovered another kopitiam around the back that seemed to enjoy a decent local patronage: Restoran Mei Sin (closed on Tuesday).

La Voglia Ristorante Italiano - 2 Rue Saint Francois de Paule, 06300 Nice, South France

If one is in Nice there are just so many restaurants too choose from that it becomes a bit confusing. Here is one recommended Italian restaurant located in the old town of Nice. There are a few Italian outlets that do not measure up. It has strict operating hours so do not attempt to go outside the normal lunch or dinner times. But if you can get a seat it will be worth it.

Yomenya Goemon - Japanese style spaghetti. 313 Orchard Unit 01-14

Is spaghetti only done right by Italians? Well it might be more traditionally correct but the Japanese have weaved the Italian dish into its modern culture. Don't let the Japanese name fool you but this is a pasta restaurant located at the ground floor of 313.

From Boston To New York In Search Of The Old Post Road

In the early days there was the Pequot Trail, the Nashaway road and the Mohawk trail: paths traced by the passage of Native American tribes of the Northeast on their migration routes. These were faltering and fragmented trails which Mother Nature and the elements could modify at their pleasure. Then came the European settlers, whose arrival ushered in the need to establish reliable, safe communications between the newly founded cities of Boston and New York.

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