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///M Almighty : BMW M5 (E39)

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Cult Car Central revisits the BMW M5 (E39)
Vital Statistics
Car: BMW M5 (E39)
Owners: 2
Original Registration: 21 June 2001
Mileage: 184+k km
Revisited: 9th August 2010

What is it about the older 'M' cars and their fastidious custodians...? (Not that we're complaining, of course!) First, it was the Avus Blue E36 M3 with its full set of service records and now this striking Le Mans Blue E39 M5 (it's still on its original coat of paint, by the way).

When it's overcast, it's easy enough to dismiss this colour as being a little drab; it's only under the bright sunlight that the full glory of the Le Mans Blue really shines forth.

Hardly more than a handful of these stealthy beasts continue to trawl the streets of Singapore (about 3, including this one). In fact, to most passers-by, the E39 M5 is nothing more than an 'old 5-Series' - an 'invisible supercar', if you will - since this car was conceived during an era where the aggressive overtures that are now so commonplace in the latest performance/sports cars were subtle, as opposed to the in-your-face results we see so much of today.

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