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Cult Car Central status report- Honda S2000



Honda announced in 1999 that they were about to launch a remake of their S500/600 convertible of the late 60s, a tiny but stunning triumph of engineering over the odds. With a 600cc four cylinder engine that had four side draught Kehin carbs, 16-valves, Double Over Head cams, needle roller main bearings and an unbelievable rpm limit of 11,000 rpm! It was rear driven but via chains to solve the problem of the suspension movement.

The Finest Horse in the Stable : Ferrari F430 Scuderia [review]

Having waited with baited breath for almost a year, Ferrari finally introduces its latest weapon, the 430 Scuderia. Lamborghini may have launched its Superleggera version of the Gallardo early this year, but instead of immediately crossing swords with their adversary, Ferrari continued careful development of their 430 Scuderia, an Italian name given in tribute to their Formula One “team” who are World F-1 Champions this year.

Maserati's Most Sexy : Maserati GranTurismo [review]

It would seem that Maserati have turned a corner of sorts, posting a slim but nonetheless significant € 1million profit in 2006, the first ever since they were acquired by the Fiat group since 1993. As if to commemorate this significant milestone Maserati conjures up the most stunning piece of automobile art in the form of the gorgeous GranTurismo coupe.

The second coming- Golf GTI mk5

Getting it right again

The GTI is the most recognized sub-brand VW have ever had and enthusiasts consider it having a better image than VW itself. While the traditionally conservative VW board almost did not give the green light for the 1976 MkI GTI, we must thank them for actually giving the go ahead.

Cult Cars Central report on Aston Martin Rapide



The last four door AM was the Lagonda. The Rapide thankfully is nothing like it. AM is looking at ways to increase the number of derivatives from the VH platform. Since it has no historical links it is hard to determine how buyers respond to such a new car.


Tasty Scooby Snack : Subaru Impreza WRX STI S204

Out of the box, this HAS to be one of the more potent Scoobys' available, and gives the vaunted Spec C a run for its money, in terms of desirability (in my eyes at any rate).

320bhp/6400rpm and 432Nm/4400rpm sound good eh?

some additional pictures of the S204 HERE

Blown Job : Mercedes-Benz C 32 AMG revisited

Cult Car Central revisits the Mercedes-Benz C 32 AMG                                     Original Review HERE

Vital Statistics
Car: Mercedes-Benz C 32 AMG
Year of Manufacture: 2002
Owners: 3
Original Registration: 2nd Nov 2004
Mileage: 65+k km
Revisited: 14th March 2010
Everybody we know starts out as big fans of BMW's M cars, often seen loudly 'pooh-poohing' any vehicle to wear the three-pointed star... But that's before they actually sample Mercedes-Benz's finest rivals against M... AMG.

Like Rolex, newcomers to the passion that is cars tend to regard Mercedes-Benz cars as possessing a 'fuddy-duddy' image. However, stick with it long enough and you start to learn more about sports Rolexes (and how much more 'in-house' they are compared to so many other pretenders, but that's a whole'nother story)... and similarly, sports Mercedes-Benz machines.

High on Civic Mindedness : Honda Civic Type R (FD2R) [review]

The first Type R appeared as the NSX-R (NA1) back in 1992 although some may argue that the Type R moniker first appeared on Honda’s motorcycles long before it appeared on their four-wheelers.

996 911 GT3 Redux : Porsche 911 GT3 (996 Mk 2) [review]

It has become clearer now what Porsche has in mind for these specialised models after revealing its new GT3 and GT3RS to the world. Porsche has certainly not forgotten about the RS enthusiast when they killed off the first GT3.

Ferrari reloaded- F360 Challenge Stradale [review]

photos by Roberto Carrer

It would seem Ferrari is not one for abbreviations if the 360 Challenge Stradale is anything to go by. It may well be a mouthful but there is a method to this madness. The cognisant among you would have heard of the Ferrari Challenge Championship a one make, one model race series for customers. The Challenge cars are factory prepared race versions of the 360 Modena with a FIA sealed and inspected engine rated conservatively at 400 bhp, exactly the same as the standard 360. However its dry weight is just 1160 kg considerably lighter than the 1290 kg of the Modena. Ferrari has also developed the 360 GT for the FIA GT Championships which is an even more extreme car having 430 bhp and weighing just 1100 kg.

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