Valentino's moves to 200 Turf Club Road, #01-19

Our favourite Italian Restaurant has moved to their new premises at Turf City from their original place at Jalan Binka. After spending a million and a half on renovations, the new Valentino is bigger and better than before. Having been in operation for a month now, everything has smoothened out.
The ambience is like an Italian castle, well inside that is. While the food is as wonderful as ever, the larger premises makes the dining occasion rather more grand. Parking might be an issue by the time all the restaurants get operational but thats months away so enjoy the ample FREE parking.
Our faves? sauteed mixed mushrooms, pan fried parma ham and mozzarella(Tomino), linguini bolognese and of course Florentine steak
Squid ink pasta

Squid ink pasta
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