Return of Changi Village Hokkien Mee.

When they shut Changi Village Hawker center for renovations we lost our favourite Hokkien Mee stall. It was over a year before they opened the hawker center again. Then we found Changi Village Hokkien Mee had returned to to the newly renovated CV hawker center. There are now a couple of immitators but there is just one original one. Look for it in the middle at 01-53.

In the past year they were not dormant but they had set up two other branches, One at Upper Thompson Hawker Center at Leban Gardens and the other in Sembawang. We tried the one at Leban Gardens but have yet to track down the  one in Sembawang. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile if you are sick of the mush that most Food Courts in town serves up then head up to those places to look for the original Changi Village Hokkien Mee. 

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