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911 Carrera RS 3.8 (Type 964)                                                            (read full review HERE)
The 3.8L version of the Type 964 offered in 1993 was a particular highlight in the evolution of the 911 Carrera RS. Built in a small series of just 90 units (including the RSR version), this very special car was produced by hand by Porsche’s Racing Department in Weissach-Flacht.

The most striking features of the 911 Carrera RS 3.8 were its Turbo-wide body, additional
spoiler winglets at the front, as well as the dual rear wing adjusting to no less than six different

In the words of Ferry Porsche, the car “offered outstanding driving pleasure not through comfort on the road, but rather through exactly the opposite”, particularly the interior being limited to the bear essential: no airbags, no rear seats, no side panels at the back.

This was lightweight construction at its very best, with overall vehicle weight of just 1,210 kg
(2,669 lb). Fitted at the rear, the 3.8-litre flat-six delivering no less than 300 hp ensured
supreme driving pleasure further underlined by the very stiff suspension.

The colour range was reduced to just a handful of particularly sporting colours such as
Grand Prix White, Indian Red and Speed Yellow.

With the 911 Carrera RS being homologated not just for the USA, the 911 RS America was built specifically for the US market and was delivered as standard with its rear wing fitted in position as well as 17-inch Cup wheels. The series colours in this case were Black, Indian Red and Grand Prix White, the emergency seats at the rear were replaced by a luggage shelf, and the lightweight door linings came from the Carrera RS.

FAST FACTS : PORSCHE 964 Carrera RS 3.8 (Turbo-body)
Capacity : 3746cc Normal Aspiration (M64/20)
Cylinder layout : Boxer six, Dry Sump lubrication
Valves : 12 valves
Redline : 7100 rpm 
Maximum power : 300 bhp at 6500 rpm
Maximum torque : 360 Nm at 5250 rpm
Bore x Stroke : 102 x 76.4mm
Compression ratio : 11.4 : 1

Type : 5-speed manual
Driven wheels : Rear with LSD

Top speed : 270 km/h
0-100km/h : 4.9 sec

Front : Modified MacPherson Struts (lowered -40mm)
Rear : Multi-Link axle

Type : Assisted Rack and Pinion
Turns lock-to-lock : 2.98
Turning circle : 10.6m

Front : 322mm Ventilated &Cross-drilled Discs, 4-pot monobloc calipers 
Rear : 299mm Ventilated &Cross-drilled Discs, 4-pot monobloc calipers

Type : Dunlop SP 8000
Size : f: 235/40 ZR 18, r: 285/35 ZR 18

ABS : Yes
Airbags : No
Traction control : No

Length : 4250mm
Width : 1775mm 
Height : 1270mm
Wheelbase : 2270mm
Kerb weight : 1210kg

Price in 1993 : $550,000
Total Production 06/1992 to 03/1994 : 90 RS and RSR

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