Outram Park Char Kway Teow - Hong Lim Food Court, #02-17

Months of eating mediocre char kway teow leads one to believe that this once great hawker food is facing extinction. The renovation or rebuilding of hawker centers have caused many a good hawker to go "missing" as information of their whereabouts was not always available and because the renovation takes so long it is not possible for these hawkers to take such a long break without a revenue stream.

They relocate and sign up new leases elsewhere  and rarely return to the original hawker center. The internet certainly has helped via blogs and various posts but as these hawkers are probably not computer savvy, they have little chance to get the message out other than by word of mouth.

A good char kway teow was once in abundance in the 80's and 90's but many have passed on or retired or relocated. We tracked down one of our early favourites, the Outram Park Char Kway Teow. Ever since Outram Park was pulled down, we had not had the chance to savour this delight. We heard it was in Hong Lim and with a busy work schedule it is truly hard to find the time to go there unless one works nearby. It doesn't help that they don't keep friendlier hours (6am to 4pm) so dinner is out of the question.

As we said  after eating mediocre examples for the past years, we had to find the time to taste great char kway teow again, sort of a foodie's bucket list. It would have to be that the first time we found this place it was well after closing time so another effort had to be made.

And? Yes it is still as we remember, a great tasting char kway teow. It is not the dry type but is best described as moist or "wet". Presentation-wise it may not appear appetitising but boy is it flavourful. It has an abundance of cockles but no chinese sausage. Its is an art form and this recipie will never escape the stall's owner's hands. We are glad to see it is still around but sad that the stall owners are possibly in their twilight without anyone to take over.

So if you miss a great char kway teow, find time to pay them a visit. No regrets. Its great stuff. 

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