Michelin Preceda 2

Tyre Specifications
Tyre Size: 
225/45 WR 17
Wet Rating: 
Dry Rating: 
Comfort Rating: 


  • The tread design of the Pilot Preceda resembles that of Pilot Sport 2.
  • The carcass shape looks similar except where the bead seat turns up into the sidewall which is less bulbous than the PS2.
  • There is an asymmetrical tread pattern but is non-directional for easy mounting.
  • The four groove design is similar to the PS2 except for the outer one that is spaced wider than the very narrow one of the PS2.
  • The center rib is also broken with fine angled sipings. The sidewall is fairly stiff as is the tread belting.


Scrub-in period: This was very short, the PP2s feeling ready in 100km/h. As usual the tyres were scrubbed for a further 200 km before testing.
Steering: The PP2s steer very much like the PS2s with a strong positive feel at the helm as the PP2 borrows the carcass technology from the PS2. [8/10]
Lateral Grip: It may not have the unique dual compound tread like the PS2 but the uniform tread compound does a admirable job, almost scaling the heights of the PS2. The steering always relays the sensation immense grip and it is borne out by the measurements. [8/10]
Handling: At the limit, it also has the characteristic of helping the car stay stable as if there was an in-built ASR. The PP2 does not hang out its tail in oversteer instead it remains close to neutral and always unflappable. During all this it hardly voiced any protest, quite different from the PS2 which protested albeit in a muted fashion. [8/10]
Longitudinal Grip: During braking, the PP2 works very well with the ABS and produces very good and stable stops. Conversely it also resists wheelspin rather well as this advanced design does not transfer load to the rears in an abrupt fashion. At speed it tracks with positive precision and the feel is excellent seemingly better than the PS2 if that is possible. [8/10]


Steering; Knowing that the original Preceda did not fair too well in wet conditions, it was a pleasant surprise to find the PP2 improved on its wet performance. The steering maintains its positive feel and is informative of the grip conditions. [8/10]
Lateral Grip: The PP2 is quite brilliant here clinging on stubbornly to the chosen line not unlike the PS2 but with less outright grip. [7/10]
Handling: The main area of improvement is the breakaway characteristic where the PP1 would break from the chosen line if one is too fast or powering too early. This heightens confidence in the wet and allows hard charging without fear of heading for the other lane suddenly. In corners it remains in mild understeer and the limit is easy to read and can be balanced nicely through the corners using both throttle and steering.[8/10]

Longitudinal Grip: The PP2 stops well but never threatens the PS2’s superiority. There is some wheelspin when power is dumped abruptly but nicely controlled and regains grip in a controlled manner. Aquaplaning resistance is of a high order in the league of the PS2. It would seem there is no need to worry when the wet stuff pelts down. [7/10]


Comfort: Having stiff sidewalls and yet be comfortable runs contrary to conventional wisdom yet this has been the latest development trend amongst tyre manufacturers. The PP2 yields similar results as the PS2 perhaps just a little more harder but with a definite cushioned step over road imperfections like road repairs and manhole covers. It also controls the after bounce providing a further dampening effect after going over the obstacle. This is probably a function of the sidewall compound, soaking up the shock energy and releasing it in a slow manner. [7/10]
Noise: 66 dBA at 70 km/h coast. Noise levels were just as good as the PS2 among the lowest.

Dry Cornering: 0.97g
Dry Braking 80-20 km/h: 1.76 sec in 24m
Average g: 0.97g
Peak g: 0.99g
Wet Cornering: 0.75g
Wet Braking 80-20 km/h: 2.21 sec in 30m
Average g: 0.77g
Peak g: 0.79g
Weight: 10.6 kg
Rolling Resistance: 0.0274g (higher than average)

Under the onslaught from its competitors, Michelin, rather than discount their premium PS2 introduces the Preceda range tailored for Asian tastes. While the original PP1 was pretty good in the dry it had big failings in the wet and its ride comfort over broken or repaired surfaces was just so-so. The PP2 corrects all that especially in the wet and feels so remarkably like the PS2 but so carefully reigned in so as not to threaten the PS2 . None of the measured parameters matched the PS2 though it was very close in the dry and significantly off in the wet leaving the PS2 unchallenged. However in two areas the PP2 did very well, positive steering feel and reduced tyre squeal, bettering the PS2 subjectively. Michelin always has a premium price position and while Preceda is an entry level tyre it will carry a premium price in that category. Level A. Highly recommended.

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