Malaysia comes to Singapore - Malaysia Boleh #03-28 Jurong Point 2

We were wondering why it took so long for Malaysian food to make it across the causeway. However we heard that there is a place at Jurong Point that has just about every M'sian hawker fare there is. 

Of course we headed to our favourite, the KL Hokkien mee. Be prepared to queue because they make it in batches of 4-6 plates but the queue is longer than that. However it turns out its worth the wait. Well honestly it is not quite as good as the Ah Hwa Hokkien mee but that is over 300 km away. We had tried the Kong Kee black mee and rated that good enough but not near the best. We'd venture that this offering is a tad better than Kong Kee's mee and it comes in two prices $4.50 and $6.00 and that is great value as there is quite a lot per plate. 


And while you are there there is the KL Wanton mee. The KL version has a lot more black sauce than out variety of the HK variety. However this one we rate highly. It is tasty and "al dente" plus the roast pork is a real treat. Properly roasted unlike those with red dye over boiled pork. A must eat.

Then there is the Penang Prawn Mee. You'd swear its a curry they are pouring in but it is the prawn broth! It tastes fantastic. Not the Mee Yoke in KL style but more Penang style. We love this too and recommend it whole heartedly.

It is not that easy to find the place as there is Jutong Point 1 to confuse you. Remember its at Jurong Point 2 but it is not marked on the inside. It is closer to the bus interchange so look for that. The place is well patronized already but if you like KL/Penang food you gotta head there. Even the Chendol is authentic.

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