Linde Werdelin

Over the past few years up to the big bad economic crisis (although truth be told, this was boom-time for savvy investors who were looking out for deeply discounted bargains!), there has been a furious and palpable rush by many 'manufactures' to erm, 'manufacture' stories to help sell their watches.

Of course, we wouldn't go so far as to accuse these good companies of 'making things up'; by stories, we mean little historical nuggets that may have been augmented (some might even say 'exaggerated') to some nth degree of whichever marketing visionary's romantic ideal.

Be it daring war exploits or cranky old horological masters working tirelessly in dark rooms, there's been something for practically everybody who clamours for some link to the past (regardless of how tenuous) to give them something to like (or in extreme cases, obsess!) about a brand.

This brings us to Linde Werdelin, which was founded by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin... Rather than look towards the dim and shadowy past, the brand shows us the here and now... and the future.

Although it's easy enough to pick out the individual aesthetic cues that seem reminiscent of the usual brands (then again, which modern mass market watch doesn't already look like something else on the market? Ultimately, it's how one evolves the design that makes all the difference between hommage and original), but the sum of Linde Werdelin's designs are wholly their own.

(on the wrist, it wears very well - for my relatively small wrist - and feels extremely solid)

Seemingly hewn from a solid chunk of metal, the Linde Werdelin timepieces present discerning buyers who aren't afraid of taking a walk off the beaten path with a contemporary luxury sports watch that commands a powerful wrist presence.

The watches are powered by an eclectic mix of movements, ranging from Andersen Geneve to Frederic Piguet. The aesthetics of these Linde Werdelin watches are simple and unpretentious, yet boast an unmistakable signature that is distinct.

Our favourites include the Oktopus and the SpidoLite... preferably in Ti or DLC!

Linde Werdelin timepieces can be found in Singapore HERE.

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