Lee Do Restaurant : 61 Ubi Ave 1, #01-13, Singapore (tel: +65-6742-2181)

What started out as a clever way to keep crabs fresh overnight has resulted in Lee Do's signature dish. Now every single table will order at least one but often one crab for each person at the table. The crab meat is succulent and taste is really fresh with a sweetness that belies its cold dish status. Simply heavenly.

The crabs are chosen specifically for its pate-like storage of cholesterol under the body shell, often mistakenly called crab roe. Whatever it is, its simply delicious especially with the special formula chilli sauce.Also recommended are the roasted pork ribs where the tasty meat comes cleanly off the bone.
The other must have dish is the Prawn Rolls, oozing with fresh prawn flavour.And the finale is a must have Seafood Beehoon Soup. The broth is a light milky seafood gumbo mix. The sweet taste comes from the extra crabs thrown in but adds to the cost. But since it tastes so good price is quickly forgotten. 

Lee Do serves Hock-chew style food and always has seating for you, no need to queue. Highly recommended.

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