Italy : Marione Ristoranti - Via della Spada 27R, 50129 Florence

This famous traditional Italian restaurant in Florence serves one of the very best Florentine steaks ever. The locatiion is within walking distance of the main square and bridge but is not on the usual well trodden path of most tourists. It is so understated that you could just walk past it. Used to be where locals go to but they have been getting more tourists. Just glad they have not dropped their standards. 

Their Steak Florentine is a huge (800-900gm) steak meant for two but if you are so inclined, just attempt to finish one and do not have the first and second courses. It is to die for. The steak is well cooked and has a distinct charred flavour. A must have!!

But do not miss the other offerings in this restaurant. The pasta is fabulous, home made and delicious to the last scrap. Recommended are the Bacon+white wine sauce Pici pasta, the Penne in ragu sauce. Even the Beef slices with rucola and potatoes is just as good and rewarding. 

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