Italy, Florence : Buca Lapi - Via del Trebbio, 1 50123 Florence

Ristoranti Buca Lapi is one of the better restaurants in Florence. Should you be in Florence a couple of days, this would be a typical Florentine restaurant to go to. Here is the latest update on this restaurant. It is advisable to make prior reservations as they are usually fully booked weeks in advance and for good reason too. 
The restaurant is located to the east of the main square of Florence. It has no real frontage and is easily missed if one is walking along via Trebbio. Just a door to indiate where it is because it is one level below.
Once you get in and downstairs you will be greeted by not only the maitre d but the entire kitchen as well. Not like how Japanese chefs call out literally but the usually hidden kitchen is there for all to see how one's food is being prepared.

The pasta is really delicious, being freshly prepared in the kitchen. The recommended pasta would be the Boar-meat sauce ribbon pasta, the Buttera, a spaghetti with tomato, butter and bacon sauce.

Of course the piece de resistance is the Steak Florentine. The grill chef cuts large slabs right there by his charcoal grill and cooks them for 30 minutes of so to get the steak meduim rare. If you do not like your steak rare then too bad, for this is one fantastic steak.
It is a whole rib with the accompanying ribeye and sirloin part, charred to perfection, flavoured with a hint of olive oil and rock salt. Possibly the finest steak you can have (European-style). Buca Lapi is more expensive than most Florentine restaurants but compared to what we have been used to, the Euro $90 steak is cheap compared to some of our steaks in sgp like the Fat Cow. A must eat rating! 

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