Goodyear RS Sport

Tyre Specifications
Tyre Size: 
235/40 WR 18
Wet Rating: 
Dry Rating: 
Comfort Rating: 

The RS Sport really delivers the goods in the dry. It not only grips extremely well it also delivers more progression than most tyres in this category allowing easy exploitation of the limit without biting back.

Its positive steering feel always gives confidence and reminds you there is something special underfoot. It is not going to be a comfortable ride but it is not too bad compared to the RE070.

Wet performance is surprisingly good and because there is no sudden breakaway it can provide lots of fun in the wet but keep in mind that aquaplaning resistance is significantly down on compared to the Asymmetric and aquaplaning champion GSD3. This will do as a trackday tyre and behave like an intermediate compound race tyre thanks to its good wet showing. Recommended.

The RS Sport has asymmetrical tread pattern vaguely resembling a V pattern. The tread pattern is just three continuous tread blocks as the even the outer tread blocks are not actually divided laterally across.

Only the two center grooves provide any significant drainage. As the usual 225/40 R18 size was not available, 235/40 R18 were used in this review. Not surprisingly the sidewalls and tread belting were rather stiff.

Ride Comfort: As expected this is not an area in which the RS Sport will excel but having said that they were surprisingly liveable in that while obviously hard riding, the edge was taken off the worst lumps from the road harshness compared to the standard equipment RE070 tyres. The Asymmetrics feel like cushions in comparison.

Noise: 69.0 dBA coasting at 70 km/h. Noise levels were also elevated but not annoyingly so. The slight cushion effect provided was just enough to prevent the cabin parts from buzzing and creaking.

Scrub-in period: These tyres settled down quickly, feeling ready in under 100 km. Immediately one would notice the sharper, more direct steering compared to the Asymmetrics.

Steering: It takes on a meatier, more positive feel especially when the steering is just a fraction off-center inspiring greater confidence. There is more road information filtering through the contact patch than most. Turn-in is sharp and progressive which is a big plus for this tyre giving confidence when entering tricky bends. The feedback in mid-corner is reassuringly positive and even if one slides recovery is excellent which is probably why this tyre is used for drifting. [9/10]

Lateral Grip: The cornering limits are extremely high, far higher than the Asymmetrics and one of the very best among even the semi-race compound variety. The tyres just emit a muted howl as the considerable limit is reached soaking up the punishment effortlessly. Get the entry speed right and the tyres corners silently as the tyres drift past their limits. [10/10]

Handling : The RS Sport is surprisingly neutral in its handling with minimal tendency to understeer unless in very tight turns but then again only mild understeer. Most of the time it is hard to get the RS Sports into oversteer but without much vocal protesting from the tyres you'd better be ready read the car's change in attitude just from the seat of the pants. Thankfully the RS Sport handles and responds well to steering and throttle correction exceptionally well. [9/10]

Longitudinal Grip: Braking is fabulous hauling the car down from speed with tremendous bite and does not activate the ABS till very late. One of the best stoppers among the semi-race compound tyres. Not surprisingly the take off traction during full-bore launches is high enough to prevent wheelspin unless severely provoked and even then it will surprise by refusing to let go easily. [10/10]

Steering: Subjectively the RS Sport felt every bit up to the challenge with nicely informative steering, clearly revealing the levels of wet grip available. [8/10]

Lateral Grip: Pushing very hard revealed no breakaway in the corners allowing worry free driving in the wet. Limits were high but not quite the brilliant level set by the Asymmetrics. But because of its confident reassuring grip the RS Sport loved hard driving in the rain. [8/10]

Handling: Like the Asymmetrics Goodyear have managed to imbue excellent recovery characteristics in this RS Sport when the limits are crossed which allows for easy recovery from slides. For a dry performance tyre like this one the excellent wet performance is a huge plus point even though it is shaded by the Asymmetrics in the wet. [9/10]

Longitudinal Grip: Of course the width combined with the lack of deep side sipings and continuous lateral drainage channels, aquaplaning is a concern at speeds over 100 km/h in the heavy rain. However these tyres never gave a worry because they just felt so confident. So whilst aquaplaning did not rear its ugly head during the drive it is best to keep fast driving below 100km/h in very heavy rain. [8/10]

FAST FACTS : Goodyear RS Sport
Dry Cornering: 1.04g
Dry Braking 80-20 km/h: 1.65 sec in 23m
Average g: 1.03g
Peak g: 1.10g
Wet Cornering: 0.84g
Wet Braking 80-20 km/h: 2.12 sec in 29m
Average g: 0.80g
Peak g: 0.83g
Rolling Resistance: 0.0258g (average)
Weight: 11.5-kg

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