C 55 AMG: SPEEDSHIFT Transmission

As standard equipment, the C 55 AMG has AMG SPEEDSHIFT, a five-speed automatic transmission responsible for delivering power to the rear axle. This system can accommodate both a dynamic as well as a comfortable style of driving.

Drivers can decide for themselves whether the gears are to be shifted manually or automatically. They can choose between the transmission selector lever of the touch control or (in a manner similar to Formula 1 vehicles) two shifting buttons on the ergonomic AMG sport steering wheel.

With the manual “M” programme, the driver can take particularly good advantage of the AMG V8 engine’s high torque because automatic downshifting is eliminated during full throttle or kickdown. The transmission remains in the selected gear.

In addition, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT’s manual drive programme doesn’t have any automatic upshift function when the rpm limit is reached. This enables the sporty driver to better use the C 55 AMG’s performance potential.

In all three driving programmes, the gears can be shifted manually by using the buttons on the steering wheel or the selector lever. As a result, AMG SPEEDSHIFT offers more individual possibilities while also making operation easier and increasing safety.

Direct driving experience through torque converter lockup starting at first gear
In “C” (comfort) mode, the automatic transmission shifts gears in a particularly gentle and smooth way. The downshifting takes places later, and the shifting of the next highest gear is initiated as early as possible. In “S” (standard) mode, the automatic transmission gears down earlier to ensure more dynamic handling. The engine always runs at higher speeds.

AMG SPEEDSHIFT also features active brake downshifting, optimal gear functioning and the torque converter lockup starting in first gear. These provide a very direct driving experience when teamed up with gear changes that are more responsive and up to 35 per cent faster.

Strengthened drive train and additional rear-axle cooling
The high performance and torque potential of the AMG eight-cylinder engine requires a strengthened drive train. To ensure the best in stability and Mercedes’ typical durability, the engineers at Mercedes-AMG used large components. In addition, the cooling element on the rear-axle differential lowers the oil temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius when the car is travelling at top speed or is under very dynamic stress.

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