AMK Char Kway Teow - Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Food Ctr #01-28

Having missed the fried hokkien mee at the Changi Village Hawker Center and not knowing where they have gone, we found (think) they are part of a franchise called Yong Heng which has its main stall at AMK, so we paid them a visit. Yes the title is not about Yong Heng but about the Char Kway Teow just a few stalls down.

We did order the hokkien mee, though similar it did not impress as much, we will revisit maybe another time but the char kway teow hit a home run the very first time. Moreover we were already full from the order of hokkien mee but a patron next to us had ordered the char kway teow and it just smelt so good. He told us this is the best one in AMK and maybe Singapore as well.

He isn't far off the mark. Its presentation is sloppy and not particularly appealing but your first mouthful will send you to food heaven. It is similar to the Outram Char Kway Teow with a damp consistency. There is both cockles and chinese sausage though sliced so thin it was hard to find some.

So by accident we stumbled onto a great find. Maybe the residents here know it but the rest of us need to as well. Must eat again! Another one for your foodie bucket list.

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