A concept like MotorPrime has been a long time coming...

These days, the fixation among most automotive fan-boys is with all things shiny and new, but very often, we forget that it is only through the past that we can blitz towards the future.

The enthusiasts behind MotorPrime hope to share glimpses of these forgotten heroes with our readers; the cult-cars, if you will, that kick-started it all for many of today's wallpaper-worthy high-octane models.

Regarding the reviews, MotorPrime doesn't just re-post Internet pictures or talk about overseas reviews, we also pride ourselves on driving and shooting these cult cars in Singapore, so even as you read our reviews, rest assured that we have actually driven the cars in question.

MotorPrime intends for the words that complete the articles here transform these entires from mere 'car-spotting' posts into a comprehensive knowledge base.

The qualifying criterion need not necessarily be a hefty price tag nor mind-blowing horsepower; some of the important factors that will be taken into account has to be the model's significance in the realm of automotive history or at the very least, a genuinely engaging motoring experience.

However, there aren't any hard and fast rules to our passion for Cult Cars since we'd very much prefer not to be constrained and limited in our content, so luckily (or unluckily) for our readers, we'll continue to populate these pages with cars that tug at our purse-, ahem, I mean, heart-strings...

It's not just about Cult Car reviews either, because MotorPrime should be enjoyed as a resource and a knowledge base; where we try to hook you up with the best products and service providers Singapore has to offer; the idea is for these professionals to work on your icons, modify them and even restore them to their former glories.

Of course, MotorPrime would not have been able to bring you these 'minority reports' without the support and time from all our friends, who either own the cars, know the owners and/or have hooked us up in one way or another. Thanks!

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